Sunday, September 25, 2011

NYC Blogger Playdate Recap!

What a day! 

Joe and I headed into Manhattan- I was off to the NYC Blogger Playdate and he had a film shoot for... umm... something? I can't keep his projects straight.

 I wear bomber jackets, track shorts and flip flops because I'm classy like that. 

On the train, I snuck in some homework time. Voice paper, I WILL defeat you!

I was joined by Ashley of Freckles and Spice, Juliette of Finish Your Broccoli, Toni of Running, Living, Loving, Lynda of Healthy Hoboken Girl. Some of the ladies had taken hot yoga before and some were trying it for the first time! All were rockstars in the studio- we go hard! The class was really enjoyable- our instructor was clear, concise, encouraging and engaging. She pushed us to do our best but allowed us to take care of ourselves as well- coming out of a posture to sit for a moment if need be. I would definitely take another class here!

After quick showers, we headed over to East of Eighth for brunch, where we were joined by Aubrie of Drunk on Opportunity and Amelia and Dierdre of Highways to Health!

Food/ fitness bloggers make for exciting table conversation!

We all took advantage of the prix fixe. 
I let our very friendly waiter pick my Benedict for me. He chose crabcakes! 

 This happy bread basket kept us happy while we were waiting for our entrees!

It's the simple things... this iced tea felt pretty darn good after sweating off approximately 50 lbs*. (*exaggeration)

 Oh HAYYYYYYYY Crabcake Eggs Benedict. So. yummy. 

 Aubrie got the Monte Cristo, aka meat stuffed french toast. I am now regretting not asking for a bite...

 I had a blast! THANK YOU to the lovely ladies who made the day so awesome! I can't wait to start planning the next NYC Blogger Playdate! Shoot me an email if you're in the area and would like to be added to the mailing list!

Joe picked me up from the restaurant and we were walking down the block when this happened...

Part of Joe's birthday present was a Google Deals coupon to the Doughnut Plant! Wahoo!

 The flavors were overwhelmingly diverse. We went with a Tres Leches...

Which smelled and tasted as amazing as it looks! Creamy, sweet Tres Leches pudding filling in a glazed cake doughnut. What's not to love?

We also split a Blackout doughnut. Great. Googley. Moogley. 

Joe's favorite.


I mean, COME ON! Is there anything sexier in the world?

...aside from my chocolate teeth?

The sun was setting as we transferred trains at Coney Island on our way home and I was reminded of how beautiful and wonderful today was...

I hope everyone had a terrific Sunday!

And now... off to do all the homework I should have been doing this afternoon... Shhh....