Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rainy Days Off

Yesterday AM I wanted warm and sweet. HellOOOO chocolate banana oat cake with PB!  :)

It was raining like a bojammie when I left my house. My boots were SOAKED by the time I met up with my classmate Sarah. She lent me a dry pair of socks and we headed to Cafe Madeline to grab some lunch and hit the books! 

The simple, fresh, rustic decor provided the perfect ambiance to enjoy some delicious eats!

Brain food and belly food. Hooray!

 Sarah ATTACKED her gorgonzola peach sandwich. I don't blame her. It was epic. 

 And I made sweet, sweet tastebud love to this roasted eggplant sandwich. 

 This baguette (from Pain D'Avignon Bakery) nearly brought happy tears to my eyes...

 You KNOW I had to get a large iced coffee as well...

 We supplemented our lunch with the happy study snacks- a peanut butter cookie with coconut and a chocolate chip cookie with sea salt. Ay caramba. 

After studying for a bit, I headed into Manhattan to meet another classmate, Aaron.
 We grabbed a quick dinner at Cosi- I got the chicken tinga sandwich. SO. GOOD. 

And then we headed to the Japan Society to see Satoshi Miyagi's Medea, which I was reviewing for You can read my full review on my theatre blog when it's been written, but I will say that I absolutely adored this production. After the show, Aaron and I headed down to Max Brenner's for dessert (no pictures- too dark!) and I finally rolled home around 1a, which is insanely late for me!

When I awoke this AM, I set to work fixing myself an egg in a basket. 
Cut a hole in a slice of bread, place in a sprayed skillet, crack an egg into the hole, cook, flip, cook, love. 

I also poured myself a few incredibly neglected supplements (I don't even want to admit how long it's been since I've taken these...)
Meet the regular cast- flax oil, calcium, D3 and Wellness Formula. What do you take regularly? 

To complete my Omega boost, I sucked down this DrinkChia Strawberry Citrus bevvie. Mmmmm....

And now, to clean my house, go for a run and do some homework! Happy Saturday!

P.S. Tomorrow is the inaugural NYC BLOGGER PLAYDATE! I. CAN'T. WAIT.