Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday's Ups and Downs

Another awesome breakfast, compliments of NuGo Slim Bars- today I tried the Roasted Peanut! It was great! Peanuts are admittedly not my favorite nut, but the flavor was mild and perfectly balanced with the dark chocolate. Boom! (Yesterday's Brownie Crunch was bangin' as well!)

Paired with a Stonyfield Organic Oikos drink! Yum!

For yesterday's bag lunch, I brought in the leftovers of Wednesday night's Mexican Tabouleh
 It didn't look this pretty in a tupperware, but it was still delicious! :)

Our afternoon class was Kinetics- one of my absolute favorites (although admittedly I adore all of my classes). We each had selected an abstract painting to analyze and our assignment was to develop three postures/ poses to express the progression of the piece (I know this may sound a bit woowoo to some of you, but stay with me!)- it was fascinating  to see how we each physically translated the pieces we chose and how our physicality effected us emotionally. 

After class Andrea, Sarah Aaron and I headed to Salud to grab snacks. 

I got a Zucchini Blossom Quesadilla- it was more zucchini than blossom, but it was still great. 

Aaron got a Chicken Torta sandwich- REEE.Diculous. So yummy. Quesilla, avocado, chicken, jalapeno and tomatoes on crusty happy bread!

We took our yumtown back to Sarah's apartment where we chowed down, drank tea and laughed for two hours straight. 

 How adorable are these mugs?

 They're camera shy- can't you tell?

Holy pale Keelie.

After Aaron and Andrea left, Sarah and I did a few Youtube Bellydance videos. Good times! 

And then....  I lost my wallet. Awful times. :(