Monday, September 12, 2011

At Home Eats and a Delicious New Study Spot!

Last night was a multi-tasking night- dinner, studying, research and a phone conference board meeting for Mind the Art Entertainment at the same time. Oyyyy. 

I looked up from my studies to realize that I had approximately four minutes to grab dinner before calling in for my meeting. Operation "Fastest Protein and Veggie Filled Dinner You Can Muster" was a success!

When I was a kid, the words 'tuna' and 'coleslaw' sent me running, screaming and crying. Not my idea of a good time. Now that I'm older, I've learned to make these foods work for me. I mixed a Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge with a can of Bumble Bee Tuna, stuffed it into 1/2 of a Tofuyan Whole Wheat Pita and paired with with Fresh Express's Coleslaw Veggies topped with a sesame ginger dressing. 

This AM, I threw together a quick but filling zucchini, turkey sausage and eggwhite scramble, accompanied by a Tofuyan Bagel Thin! YUM!

Today we had our first improv class which is a combined session for the MFA Actors and Directors- it's interesting to have new people in our class (the MFA Actors take all of our other courses alone) and our professor is wonderful. I'm very excited about this class! 

After Improv, my female cohorts and I headed over to Salud for some brain food and studying power! Another one of our professors had recommended this spot- I'm so glad she did!

This gorgeous, vibrant, warm and inviting cafe is one of a kind, especially in this neighborhood. Delicious juices, wholesome sandwiches, inventive smoothies and a quiet, welcoming ambiance. 

 I got a Sopa Azteca- chipotle broth with corn tortilla chips, quesilla and avocado. Steamy perfection in a bowl. 

I also ordered a Salud Specialty- alfalfa, fresh pineapple and spring water. Ahhhh...

After eating we got down to studying! We have a phonetics test tomorrow in Speech class, so together we memorized the differences between nasal, glottal, stop-plosive, glide, fricative and affricate consonants. We studied where each consonant sound is made in the mouth and what their International Phonetic Alphabet symbols are. 

Cookie break!
 Triple chocolate with white chocolate chips. Gracias a Dios. 

And some Mexican iced coffee (brewed with cinnamon), to keep us on top of our game! :)

The staff at Salud were friendly and graciously allowed us to linger until closing. We will DEFINITELY be back! 

Do you have a favorite local spot for studying, working, reading, etc?