Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Puerto Rico Day 5: Naguabo and Old San Juan

I will get all of these recaps done! I swear! Hopefully before our one year anniversary... :)

Day 5 was our last morning in the gorgeous mountains of Naguabo at Casa Flamboyant!

We spent our time drinking in the scenery...
 Much like this snail was drinking in this green water... To each his own. 

Breakfast was fresh, hearty perfection once again. 

Though we weren't even halfway through our vacation, we didn't want to go!

But finally we bid our wonderful hostess Shirley farewell and set off towards the beach in Luquillo- we had some time to kill before returning our rental car and checking into our hotel in Old San Juan. 

If you're not a customer, the bathroom costs $0.50. Just so you know.

It was particularly hot on this afternoon, so frosty liquid libations were in order!

After splashing around a bit, we made our great migration to Old San Juan. After being in the mountains for a few days, it was a bit of a culture shock- even for these two New Yorkers- to be dropped back in the middle of a city...

Though the plentiful availability of iced coffee was a much-appreciate contrast to the earlier part of the week. (WHY does most of Puerto Rico not believe in iced coffee? It's so. friggin'. hot!)

 Reunited, and it feels SO good. :)

After getting our java fix, we headed UP the hill (OSJ is a hill, our hotel was at the top), to the Gallery Inn. Though it starkly contrasted our majestic mountain settings, this ornate, details and classic gem situated right along the ocean ties Casa Flamboyant for the most perfect accommodations on earth. True story. 

 We had reserved the cheapest rooms they had available- the hotel was at the high end of our price range, and we were just happy to have gotten rooms here- but when we arrived, we discovered they had bumped us up to the Ocean Room- the top floor of one of the buildings with a private ocean-view verandah- aka the best room in the house. I LOVE YOU, GALLERY INN. 

 Our view of the ocean. 

The best way to describe the Gallery Inn is to say it's the Clue Mansion meets an art gallery meets a tropical resort meets your filthy rich great uncle's grandfather's cousin's estate. Absolutely stunning. It's 1/2 open air, 1/2 old Spanish architecture, 100% magic.

 Hidden staircase? Don't mind if I do! 

One of the open-air dining rooms that leads out to the garden/ pool. 

 Which is where the birds hang out sometimes... This is Campeche. He's sassy. 

 Lounging by the pool... Ahhh...

 Joe and Campeche were instant BFFs.

 We spent the evening galavanting around Old San Juan. 

And wound up at Marmalade for dinner.

No food pics as it was a bit dark, but everything we ordered there was absolute perfection. Happy, happy times. 

Tips from day 5: 

-Tell everyone if you're on your honeymoon- you can get some pretty sweet perks!
-Invest in at least one splurge meal- ours was some of the most delicious food we've ever had,  we wound up with a few free courses and Joe got extra booze when they forgot to bring something out from the kitchen!

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