Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting Down to Business (On My Day Off)

Saturday! Sleeping in! Catching up on homework! Relaxing! Right? No? Oh, ok. Because of our crazy schedules, today was the best fit for Mind the Art Entertainment's Executive Board to get together for a mini-retreat/ business meeting... We decided on Central Park, so it would fit a bit less like work...

So off to Manhattan we went. 
 More thrift store snags- the shirt was $2 and the pants were $3. True story.

We set up camp in Sheeps Meadow in the shade of a few trees. 

The foxy female board members: Ariana (our Projects Manager), myself (Development and PR) and Ashley (head of Partnerships and Outreach). 

 Our smashing snack spread- grapes, brie and cheddar, baguette and my homemade pumpkin spice cookies. 

Fresh baguette and Dubliner cheddar. If I could eat this all day, every day, I'd be a happy girl. 

 I found this in our Artistic Director's notebook. For real. 

 Ashley and Christian (our Artistic Director) are excited about something!

 Joe (Chairman of the Board) and I. Sometimes his tangents get out of control and I have to cut him off...

We spent the morning and afternoon sorting through the structure of our company, what our plans are for the coming season and what we need to do to continue thriving. It was exciting, but sitting in the sun is surprisingly exhausting! 

When hunger got the best of us, we left the park and headed to Lansky's on Columbus and 70th for dinner. 

 Ariana and David (the head of our Poetry Division) are too cute for their own good.

This was my first experience at Lansky's, and I'm fairly certain this is the beginning of a new and beautiful relationship. I don't fall in love quickly, but they had me at Pastrami Sandwich and Matzoh Ball Soup special.

 A dense, moist matzoh ball floating in a sea of delicate broth with tender chunks of chicken. Goodness. Gracious.

 The pastrami sandwich stole the show, though. Soft rye bread piled high with savory slices of some of the freshest, most succulent pastrami I've ever, ever had.  The prices were extremely reasonable, our waiter kindly allowed us to split the check (this may not be a big deal where you're from, but some waiters in NYC pitch a fit if you ask to split a bill) and was very attentive to our relatively large table. I will be back!

We were pretty full after dinner, but Joe was pretty keen on stopping at Magnolia for a treat. Who am I to argue?

I know everyone obsesses over their cupcakes, but for me, the cakes and pies are where it's at! 

Banana cake with chocolate butter cream frosting. Sweet, moist, dense and creamy. 

Snickers Icebox Pie. 
 Oh, for the love of all things good and sacred in this world....this is probably one of the best things you'll ever put in your mouth. Oreo crust, peanut butter whipped cream filling and snickers pieces. 

Joe experienced a bit of sensory overload. 

This is my excited face. 

Decadent, to say the least. My body definitely couldn't handle food like this EVERY day, but as a once in a while treat, this spots are DEFINITELY worth hitting up! :)

What is your favorite decadent treat? How was your Saturday? Labor Day plans?