Thursday, September 29, 2011

(Last) Night and (To) Day

Brooklyn Public Library, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 1) The security guard who asked for my phone #. 2) The old woman napping on a reading table. 3) The unbelievably old electrical socket that my charger falls out of. 
 You are still one of my favorite places to study. 

Last night I was craving dessert and found inspiration from my beautiful friend Katie's blog

Dessert Wrap Happytown!

My nut/ seedbutter trio!
 Add a few chocolate chips, microwave and then wrap around a banana. 

This AM I attended a meeting with the super-fun team behind Brokelyn at Tillie's! Sweat Equals Success is partnering with Brokelyn to do a series on the best free outdoor workout spots in Brooklyn! Stay tuned!

After the meeting I swung by Atlantic Terminal to snag a cute dress for tomorrow AM's Diabetes Co-Stars Cookoff! It's been a while since I've been clothes shopping and it was a bit intimidating... Mission accomplished, though! 

I met up with my classmate Patrick for lunch at the Catskill Bagel Company in Ditmas Park. I got the Catskill Mountain Omelet. Chorizo, feta, corn, green peppers and onions. It hit the spot!

 We were chowing down when the sky opened up and down-poured for a solid 15 minutes. It lightened up a bit but kept raining as I made my way home. 

Unexpected rain showers can be lame.
Though they can also be exciting! This guy agrees.

I'm off to get sweaty with this 20 Minute Total Body Workout

For dinner, I'm thinking Mac and Cheese with Greek Yogurt!

What's on the fitness/ fuel menu for you tonight?