Friday, September 9, 2011

Push and Pull

Hear ye, hear ye, Sun Salutation fans! The Great Salutation (which I JUST learned about) is pretty faboosh too, and it includes two of my favorite poses (Triangle and Warrior II)! What a way to start your day! :)

We have an audition workshop this afternoon with our acting teacher, whom I adore. I'm excited to get to work with her on my pieces! 

A lot of the work I've been doing in school has involved increasing bodily awareness, specifically regarding alignment, breath and tension. This is an interesting task as an athlete- anyone who's ever worked out knows that tension is a big part of what we do (it's how we create muscle contractions), but do you ever actively focus on the release of a muscle after exercising? 

We've been assigned to 'check in' with our bodies 50 times each day, noticing if/ where we're holding, what our breathing feels like and how our alignment is. I hold tension in my shoulders (big time) and my hip flexors (thanks, dancing...). 

My challenge to you? Check in with yourself now! Are you holding tension anywhere? Your jaw, neck, back, arms, hands, abdomen, hip joints, knees, legs, butt, ankles, feet? Is this someplace you usually hold tension? Are you often aware of it?

I'm curious to hear what you find!