Monday, September 19, 2011

Bagels and the Beach

We slept in late after Joe's Surprise Party shenanigans and were STARVING when we woke up, so we headed to Bagel Boy for breakfast! 

Kieren, Daniel and Shawn show off their hungry faces. 

I got a ham, egg and cheddar on an everything bagel. Goodness gracious. 

YAY Breakfast!

And then it was off to a BBQ at Manhattan Beach!

Christopher and I asked Joe to come play with us on the beach...

He tried to refuse us, so we stole his shoe laces! 

My vain attempts to keep Christopher's pants from being completely soaked. 

Joe and Christopher collected rocks for a bit...

It's my mission in life to teach as many children as I can to do a proper jumping photo.

With the birthday boy!

Chocolate frosting moustaches- jealousy is expected.

How was your Sunday?