Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rainy Day Eats and At-Home Workouts

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. 

I woke up to the sound of some pretty serious rain beating down on the streets of Brooklyn. It dried up a bit for my morning commute, thank goodness!

The HLS swag bag is still going strong, and I was thrilled to see the Stonyfield Organics coupons! They have a bunch of products I'm eager to try, and I picked a few up at the grocery store last week. 

My breakfast on the run (as they all are on school days) included an Oikos Pomegranate Berry Drinkable Yogurt. It has a sweet, tart and bright flavor with a smooth consistency that went down very easily on the train. 

I'm thrilled that they've managed to jam more protein into this bottle than most drinkable yogurts contain, and one serving provides 35% of your daily calcium requirement. The sugar content is a bit high for me, but I've found this to be true of most drinkable yogurts. 

I had Voice class this morning and we've begun to break down the anatomical components of breathing. It's absolutely fascinating how much muscle engagement goes into each and every breath we take! 

Lunch included an Oikos Honey Fig Greek Yogurt. I. Am. In. Love. 
 There was significantly less sugar in this product (14g) and even more protein (14g)- at 110 calories it provided an additional 15% of my daily calcium need and was the perfect addition to lunch- light, smooth and creamy with a mild fig and honey flavor- delicious. 

And since it was lower in sugar, I could justify these! Yes, my fine friends, those are indeed Chocolate Goldfish. *Cue angelic heavenly chorus*

Today in speech we worked on consonant sounds, exploring where in the mouth each sound is made and learning the corresponding symbols for each sound in the IPA

I was on my way to the gym after class when I realized that A) I had lost my water bottle (BOO!) and B) I had not charged my iPod. Coupled with the rain, I copped out and sloshed home. I was famished when I got in, so I set to work making a Bahn MINE! :)
A close cousin to the Bahn Mi sandwich, the Bahn Mine consists of whatever happens to be lounging in my fridge at the moment- this one included some Shady Brook Farms Sweet Turkey Sausage, shredded veggies, Kikkomann Reduced Sodium Terikayki Sauce and a whole wheat hotdog bun. Good times were had by me. 

I'm about to dive into my pile of homework, but before I do, I'm craving a short and sweet sweat session... 

This'll do!

How do you stay fit when you're stuck at home on a rainy day? Favorite short and sweet workouts?