Monday, September 5, 2011

The Perfect End-Of-Summer Weekend

On Friday, I went to the beach, Saturday held a picnic at Central Park, and yesterday I went to a baseball game. I think I've covered my bases for my last-weekend-of-summer!

AND I got to spend the evening with my boyfriend (don't worry- Joe knows). It's ok to be a little jealous....
 Christopher- aka Cornstopher. Read about our escapades here and here. 

Christopher's mom- my dear friend Maya- texted me yesterday AM asking if I'd like to join them for the Brooklyn Cyclones game that evening- it was the last game of the regular season, and they were playing the Staten Island Yankees- HOLY RIVALRY! Yes, please! 

The Brooklyn Cyclones play at Keyspan Park, which is literally a stone's throw from the ocean in Coney Island, where I worked all summer- beach adventures featured here and here.

 After settling into our seats, Christopher and I got to work eating! We shared a pretzel and I scarfed down a delicious but overpriced hotdog. 

 I was so happy to run into the gorgeous Christina- a Beach Bums cheerleader AND one of my Miss Brooklyn sisters (I was Miss Brooklyn 2009, and Christina is Miss Brooklyn 2011). Love this girl!

 Christopher and his mom snuck down for a closer view!

Our section won a meal from Nathans (gooooo hotdogs!), Christopher won a quesadilla from Applebee's for his enthusiastic cheering (and maybe a little bit because I'm friends with one of the Beach Bums) AND we scored a baseball from the warmup cage because #25 thinks I'm cute- true story- I cannot make these things up. Holy swag!

It was a pretty exciting game- wacky pitches leading to runs scored TWICE- IN A ROW... a homerun, some crazy double play action... And eventually...


We got to run the bases after the game!

And then it was time to say goodnight to one of my favorite families... 

Did you do anything fun and summery this weekend?