Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Lookin' Forward to the Weekend...

What horrifically annoying and incredibly catchy song does this post title come from? Brownie points for correct answers!

This breakfast gives me superpowers. 
 Raspberries, oats, protein, green powder, stevia, chia seeds, flax seeds and soymilk- chillin' in my fridge overnight having a flavor exchange. Delicious.

Yesterday in the afternoon we had an audition workshop with our acting teacher- it was a really nice opportunity to get some feedback on our monologues and see each other work- PLUS we didn't have to wear our uniforms (feature here)- wahoo! :)

As I was heading to school, my phone had what I can best describe as a fit of hysteria combined with internal combustion- it died a slow, bizarre and presumably painful death. After school I visited the Verizon store to discover that not only had my phone indeed kicked the bucket, but I'd be losing most of my contacts, all of my text messages AND even though I pay for total equipment coverage, since my phone was a month out of warranty, it would cost me $100 to replace it. I ended up spending an extra $35 and getting a brand new phone (after rebates, upgrade credits, etc.), but seeing as I was not planning on spending ANY money, this was a pretty frustrating experience. I didn't buy a case or screen protectors because I was so PO'd about the experience. Helpful tip: the Verizon store sells screen protectors for $15 and cases for $20. I ordered a case and a 5pk of screen protectors from Amazon for $9 INCLUDING shipping.

My new phone is beautiful, but the situation had put me in a less than positive mood. I returned home and  was fishing out my keys when I felt someone staring at me from behind. I turned around and saw: this guy.
It made me smile.

Joe could tell I was NOT to be trifled with, so he kindly offered to make dinner, which turned out to be pretty darn good! Walnut-crusted eggplant with whole wheat pasta- YUM! I want to tweak the eggplant a bit, and then I'll post a recipe!

My personal chef and his master creation.

I love my husband, but BOY, does he frustrate me sometimes. He can be a bit stubborn and out of touch with reality. See Examples A and B.

 Example A
Example B

No, friends, that is not  one of my summery tops that I forced Joe to wear. THOSE, dear readers, are a pair of boxers that Joe thought did not need to be thrown away. What? WHAT?! I have absolutely no idea what happened to them, but they are quite obviously (to everyone but Joe) no longer functional, and belong in the trash. He disagreed. I told him that if they didn't look like a T-shirt when he put them over his head, he could keep them. I won.