Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Be Prepared!

"Good luck is a residue of preparation."
- Jack Youngblood. 


Last night I got my bagged-lunch-prep on while doing homework. 

Oh hey there, jumbo bag of green beans! It's cold in my freezer, isn't it? Come on out and warm up a bit!
 After steaming, I tossed these bad boys with some sesame ginger dressing, portioned them out in tupperware and threw them in the fridge. 

And then, it was baked microwaved sweet potato time! I rinsed and scrubbed my spud, set it on a paper towel and microwaved for 5.5 minutes. 
 When it came out of the oven microwave, I sliced 'er open and added some cinnamon, flax seeds, peanut butter and a tiny drizzle of honey. Sexy T-rexy. 

My AMs have been BA-NA-NAS, mostly because I'm up all night doing homework and waiting for the hubberoni to get home from his rehearsals and I should get up at 6a to get ready for school but I usually hit the snooze button for an hour and the rush around like a crazy person. 

*Fun fact- my MFA Acting program is pretty strict on attendance and punctuality- as in- if you miss a class for any reason other than severe illness or do not have a Dr's note, your grade is automatically lowered a full letter. If you're late, you may not participate in class and two latenesses count as an absence. Is it any wonder I have a mild heart-attack trying to get out of the door on time?

I noshed on a NuGo Slim Brownie Crunch Bar as I walked from the train to class. 15g protein, 2g sugar and 9g fiber? DEAL!

Movement class was really enjoyable this AM- for the second half of the class we got to go outside and experiment with the ideas of tension and physical holding in stressful situations (being blindfolded and guided by a partner while running across the lawn and going up and down stairs). 

Between commuting from building to building and leaving time to get to our Acting class, we have approximately 15 minutes to eat lunch. Grrrr...

I hate rushing while eating, ESPECIALLY when it's this yummy!
 Sesame ginger green beans, my sweet potato mouthgasm, a string cheese (that I ate while I was taking this picture- ahem... we only have 15 mins!!!) and some Musselman's Healthy Picks Blueberry Pomegranate Applesauce (from my Healthy Living Summit Swag bag- the gift that keeps on giving). 

We had a blast in Acting class today- we brought in sketches for improvised scenes to work with in class focusing on objects and our environment. My classmate Jonny and I decided he would be a confections industry executive and I would be his secretary. Our scene took place in his office, which we detailed in a floor plan. In class, we set up our scene and then secretly developed objectives (he wanted me to forge expense receipts, I wanted him to give me a raise). We improvised for a bit while pursuing our objectives and then our professor gave us some complications. We were to help each other make physical contact with as many objects in the room as possible within the logical confines of our scene and she privately instructed me to take Jonny's receipts and hold them hostage until I achieved my objective. We started the scene over and continued improvising, and then we were stopped and given new instructions- we were to touch as many objects as possible and prevent our partner from touching objects while continuing to pursue our objectives. Again, the stakes were raised- my professor privately added that I was wearing a concealed microphone and trying to get my boss to confess to forging expense accounts). After improvising this way for a few minutes, my stakes were raised again- I had 20 minutes to get Jonny to approve my raise, write me a paycheck advance, go to HR to cash my check and then get to my apartment before my landlord evicted me for backrent. All while keeping Jonny from touching objects in our space. Holy multitasking! It was difficult and exciting and quite beneficial- it's amazing to realize how often we as actors (and also as humans) do not engage with our surroundings and how much more rich and exciting conflicts can be when making use of the space given to us. 

Sorry if that bored you! :)

Dinner was Cupboard Surprise! 



+ H2O + frozen chicken breast + frozen brussel sprouts


With plenty of leftovers!

And now, I'm off to re-read Shakespeare's Richard III, finish my research on the Wars of the Roses and Richard's III's lineage, do a character analysis on Madge from William Inge's Picnic, research the political climate of Kansas in the late 1940s for my script analysis, finish typing up my journals to be turned in tomorrow and MAAAAYYYYBBBEEEE eat a giant bowl of ice cream.

Check back tomorrow AM for a guest post from my boo Aubrie @ Drunk On Opportunity!

*NuGo Nutrition and Musselmans provided me with samples of their products. I was not otherwise compensated for this review- the opinions expressed here are my own!