Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Speed Eating

I was craving some SUBSTANCE and SUSTENANCE this AM for breakfast, so I threw a piece of Shadybrook Farms Turkey Sausage in the skillet, added eggwhites and served on a whole wheat hotdog roll (because I INSIST on using these up! Check out yesterday's Bahn MINE). I was in a huge rush, but what I remember of this tasted AWESOME! :)

Our first class today was Movement, and we had a preliminary anatomy discussion and did a fun exercise to identify our joints and where movement originates from. 

Some of DaVinci's anatomical drawings- gorgeous!

We had a quick break to grab a bite, so I shared a Quaker Oats Smash Bar with a classmate! 
 It was just enough to tide me over 'til our fast and furious lunch break. 

30 minutes to pack up, switch buildings, eat, unpack and prep for the next class. Oy. Vey. 
I sucked down a protein and Vega smoothie, an iced coffee and some almonds.... 

In Acting, we worked on some mirroring with partners and then did a few improvised scenes focusing on listening and receiving information from our partners without leading the scene ourselves. 

Joe made an AWESOME stir-fry for dinner (I was starving- no pics). I'm off to brush up on my monologues, finish up my journals and bake some goodies for my favorite classmates. :)

Tomorrow's workout will be a bellydancing class with my two female co-horts (our class is made up of three females and four males)! 

Do you eat quickly or slowly? Do you like to exercise in a group or solo?