Monday, September 26, 2011

The World's Fastest post.

This post will be quick- if you're looking for my usual hair-raising excitement and mouth-wateringly delicious fare, check out the recap from yesterday's NYC Blogger Playdate!

It's 7:45p and my world consists of a GIANT iced coffee and this book. 
By the end of tonight, an insightful and thought provoking dissertation on Chuck Jones' Make Your Voice Heard will be sitting perfect and polished, waiting to be handed in tomorrow. Positive thinking. 

Tomorrow and Wednesday will be chock full of Voice and Speech classes, both of which I adore! Wahoooo! 

But there are other fun shenanigans to be had aside from school! 'Twill be an exciting week!

On Thursday I'm meeting with the clever minds behind Brokelyn to chat about contributing some health/ fitness articles in the near future! 

Friday I've been invited to attend the Diabetes Co-Stars Cookoff (part of the NYC Wine and Food Festival). 

Saturday is a DATE DAY with the hubbers. A. WHOLE. DAY. Epic, right?!

Sunday is a Shakespeare rehearsal, which excites me more than most people would probably understand. And thennnn.... coffee date with my beloved Ellen Stein!

Have a great night, lovers! If you get a few minutes, enjoy a stretch or some extra sweat for me, will you? I'm hoping to squeeze in a Sun Salutation or two before bed. Don't know how to do a Sun Salutation? No worries. Kermit can help