Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Body, This Week I Promise To...

I awoke this morning feeling a tad outright crappy. Not exercising for over a week plus obnoxiously poor food choices over the weekend multiplied by excess caffeine and minimal hydration equals cranky, yucky Keelie.

Once again, my kitchen is dangerously close to empty, and I was in a CRAZY rush this AM. I threw a few things into my lunch pail and completely forgot to eat breakfast. Fail. I snarfed a string cheese I had packed for lunch before Acting class, but I was starving after we finished warming up. Booo. 

Fortunately, Acting wasn't too strenuous today- we worked on our analysis of William Inge's Picnic which we'll be studying in class. I LOVE analysis and our professor gave us a lot to think about (aka a buttload of homework). Wahoo!

Today's bagged lunch was still pretty sassy, though! An almond butter, banana, flax seed, cinnamon and cocoa powder sandwich (it's weird to write 'cocoa powder sandwich'...) with leftover avocado hummus and wheat crackers. Admittedly short on veggies, but a whole lot better than the delicious but nutritionally disastrous food I ate this weekend! 

In Speech class this afternoon we worked on vowel sounds and continued our consonant work. Fun! 

My classmate Sarah and I headed to our new favorite school-area joint- Salud (yes, this was my first, second, third trip since we discovered this place a week ago... don't judge). 

 Sarah chowed down on a tofu salad sandwich and an Azul Rey smoothie (blueberries, bananas, oats, vanilla extract, oat milk). She was a happy girl. 

 I loved on a bowl of chicken soup with some multigrain bread- so flavorful! 

And I slurped on this Verde Fresco smoothie (spirulina, bananas, whey protein and soymilk). 

I didn't make it to the gym like I had hoped, so when I got home I did a short but sweet plyo/body weight workout. Pushups, jumpsquats, split squats, burpees, mountain climbers. OHHH. YEAH.

I've been bad to my body recently, which really isn't fair, as it gets me through a physically demanding MFA Acting program every day, operates on very little sleep and doesn't complain.

So, body, this week, I promise to:

-Hydrate you.
-Feed you well.
-Keep you conditioned.
-Rest you.

I appreciate you, really, even though I don't always show it. Keep up the good work!

What promises have you made to yourself recently?

P.S. The NYC BLOGGER PLAYDATE is this Sunday! HUZZAH! I'm so excited to see everyone! It's not too late to join in! Holla atcho girl if you'd like to join! :)