Friday, June 10, 2011

Honeymoon Day 2: Hiking in El Yunque and Condado

We woke up A LOT earlier than we expected on day 2. Our bodies had automatically synced to the rainforest clock, and we awoke, rested, at 6a. On vacation. But wouldn't YOU, if you had a coffee nook (see above) and breakfast like THIS waiting for you?

French toast made with fresh pan de agua and turkey sausage. Shirley (of Casa Flamboyant) is an AMAZING cook.  :)

With our bellies full of happiness, we grabbed the map and set off to explore the trails leading to the two rivers that surround the property.

We were happy to find a swimming hole after working up a sweat.

Naturally the hubs had to find SOMETHING to jump off of...

We took the back entrance to our suite!

Resting along the way, of course! :)

When we got back, we hopped in the car and got lost explored for a few hours before stumbling across the Isla Verde Beach in Condado. 
Joe did a few sunrise salutations while getting knocked over by the surf...

And I Irish Step Danced in the sand because that's how I roll...

We were BEAT from hiking and playing on the beach, so we headed back to the guest house for a relaxing night in... Dinner consisted of the randomness we bought at the grocery store.

PLUS food gifts from friendly locals. Chowing down on a random un-named fruit given to me by a restaurant owner.  YES- that's a TMNT shirt. What of it? :)

We turned in early! 

Tips from Day 2:

-Rainforest water is FREEZING but refreshing. Just jump in. It'll make you feel better! 

-Keep everything you could possibly need in your rental car always- you never know when you'll stumble across a beach you just HAVE to swim in, and you'll be glad you brought your suit and sunblock!

-Walking sticks really do make hiking easier... hmmm...

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Gina; The Candid RD said...

I'm trying to close my eyes and pretend I am there too. This place looks gorgeous!! I just love waking up, eating a nice breakfast, and then being able to enjoy a beautiful outdoor "workout", without being rushed or having other things to do.

Keep having a blast!!

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