Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recovery Never Tasted So Good...

Today I was scheduled for a 5 mile run on my 1/2 marathon training schedule. I laced up and hit the Coney Island Boardwalk for a 5 mile out & back along Brighton Beach. Summer is here! All of the vendors are open (including my OBSESSION- Ralph's Ices) and this joint was PACKED. 

When I got home, I was HANGRY. 

Raise your hand if you spend summer dreaming about delicious fall and winter holiday treats. (GUILTY)

My husband's favorite holiday dessert of all time is Paradise Pumpkin Pie- 50% pumpkin pie, 50% cheesecake, 100% yumgasmic.
My MIL makes the best Paradise Pumpkin Pie of all time. If I could, I would eat it every day. But alas, I cannot. So here's the next best thing!

Keelie's Paradise Pumpkin Pie Recovery Shake

1/2 Cup Canned Pumpkin
1/2 Cup Soymilk (I used Silk Original Light)
1/2 Cup 1% Kefir (I used TJ's Lowfat 1%)
1 Tablespoon Flax Seeds
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
2 Drops French Vanilla Liquid Stevia
1/2 Cup Water
1 scoop Slimquick Vanilla Sensation Protein

Nutrition Facts: 250 cals, 5.5g fat, 17.5g fiber, 12g sugar, 35.5g protein

Bask in your post-sweat glow while slurping on this tastebud pleaser. Mmmm....


Katie said...

Ooh, that pie looks good! I totally eat fall and winter food in the summer (and vice versa).

Keelie Sheridan said...

So glad to hear I'm not alone! Pumpkin is WAAAY too yummy to only eat 1/2 the year! :)

A Fine Balance said...

OMG looks to die for haha! Thanks for stopping by my blog...have a new follower out of me for sure!
and as for Pumpkin...hmm I will have to try it...I never really celebrated any event at home with pumpkin pie...but I do have to say I enjoy Pumpkin Cheese cake from the cheese cake factory...drool lol.

Keelie Sheridan said...

:) Awesome! I look forward to following your adventures...

I have NEVER tried the pumpkin cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory- I always get Vanilla Bean... now I'll have to try it! :)

Liz said...

That shake sounds delish! That's definitely next on my to-try shake list! Good thing I already have a can of pumpkin in the pantry :)

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