Monday, June 13, 2011

Tryin' to make me go to (cake) rehab...

After my delicious cake-filled weekend, I needed to do some major detoxing today! I had an EARLY train from Albany to NYC, so I scarfed down a whole wheat bagel my sister had bought me on my way to the train along with my usual iced coffee. 

I was planning on heading straight home from the train station (I was carrying a suitcase and two large bags) but at the last minute I decided to stop at Brooklyn College to try to get my financial aid sorted out. As you may or may not know, when I'm not obsessing about food and fitness and teaching dance, I'm an actor. I'll be attending Brooklyn College this fall to begin my MFA in Acting studies! I. Cannot. Wait. I was actually able to get my loans (oy.) and ID sorted out pretty quickly, but by the time I got back to my apartment I was STARVING.

Cue delicious parfait:

Granola, greek yogurt, french vanilla stevia and frozen blueberries. So simple. So happy.

I did some major computer catch up and snarfed down some chickpeas (because I'm random like that) before heading to Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp! I had snagged a Groupon for these classes and thought they looked like a fun way to cross train! I was right! :) Class started out with some fun warmups and overall toning exercises, after which we learned a short and cute burlesque dance followed by an abs and legs finisher. I'll let you know how I feel in the AM! :)

I wasn't really hungry when I got home, but I knew I hadn't eaten very much today, so I had a TJ's Chili Lime Chicken Burger patty with a sprinkle of shredded cheddar. And as I lay here in bed writing this, I realize I didn't eat a single green thing today. :( Aside from the chickpeas (which are legumes, right?), I didn't eat a single friggin' vegetable today! Oy. Vey.

And now, it's 1am and I'm sitting up like a turd writing flashcards to help me study for my ACE Cert... And waiting for the hubs to get home...

Did you eat veggies today?

Would you take a Burlesque workout class?

What are you usually doing when you're up past midnight?


fancy nancy said...

I go in waves getting in my veggies. I'm usually good about it but then I go through periods where I am not a good veggie eater!

Burlesque Bootcamp??? I think I would be fine once I got going....and had a friend to laugh with! It does sound like a lot of fun groupon!

My after midnight days are few and far between lately....actually since my daughter started sleeping through the night! As boring as it sounds if I'm up past midnight these days it's because someone is sick or had a bad dream! Sleep becomes a precious gift with kids in the house!

kdbaker05 said...

I try to get in some veggies every day but some days are better than others. :S

I would definitely take it if they had one around here. :D We have a pole class here that I've taken a couple of times for fun.

I very rarely make it up past midnight and if I do it's usually because I am not at home. Last time was Saturday and that was because we drove an hour and half to go to the Tampa Bay Classic (fitness competition). It was fun!!

Keelie Sheridan said...

@ Nancy- It was so much fun! I went by myself but agree it would have been fun with a friend! There were about 30 girls in the class with two teachers- everyone was great!

@ KDBaker- I took a pole class for my bachelorette party- SUCH a workout! I actually got another Groupon for 5 pole classes- I love it! :)

Saturday sounds fun! Did you compete??

kdbaker05 said...

No, we (hubby and I) have two girls that we are training for their first competition and we wanted them to see one in person. It was a really good time. :)

Liz said...

I'm looking to get certified as a personal trainer too, once I'm done with my competition! Is ACE the way I should go (is that the one most gyms want)?? I'd love some advice :)

Keelie Sheridan said...

@KD- Good luck to your girls! :)

@Liz- This is my 1st cert, so I can't speak on behalf of any others, but I've heard ACE is a good 1st cert to get, and then it's good to expand- NASM, ISSA, NCSF...etc... my current trainer has a million certifications! :)

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