Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today's assignment on my 1/2 marathon training schedule? 5x 400m at a 5k pace. Admittedly, I'm pretty darn un-educated about running, so this sounded super simple to me. Since I have never timed ANY of my runs or been in a 5k race, this means, "run as fast as you can" to me. So I did. And I wanted to die.

This is my nabe. And yes, now you can stalk me if you really want to. Just be sure to bring me cupcakes or brownies and I promise not to call the police. Fun facts: the blue you see on the top of the map is the bay (ahhhh) and the green at the bottom is a beach (double ahhh). Yes, I know I'm lucky.

The distance between Shore Blvd and Oriental Blvd is appx .32 miles, which is longer than 400m. I used the AWESOME pace calculator at Cool Running to calculate that my pace was as follows: 

1st .32 Mile Sprint: 6:40 min/mile OR 1:39/ 400m
2nd Sprint: 6:55 min/ mile OR 1:43/ 400m
3rd Sprint: 7:04 min/mile or 1:45/ 400m
4th Sprint: 6:33 min/mile OR 1:37/ 400m
5th Sprint: 7:04 min/mile or 1:45/ 400m

I have absolutely no idea where these times fall in the overall scheme of things- I'll have to do my research. I do know that next time: 1) I'll bring water. 2) I'll run before the sun comes up so it's not quite so toasty. 3) I will NOT use the crappy iPod ear buds that refuse to stay in my ears no matter what I do.

This workout kicked my butt, which is funny, because I can happily pump out 6+ miles on a treadmill... slower pace + less distraction... but I really enjoyed this, too. :)

I hopped in the shower when I came back in, and whipped up a quick recovery lunch:





PLUS Taco Seaoning = Happy Face! :)

And an iced coffee- naturally!

Off to teach- I have dress rehearsal with K-5 today, then to run some errands for our performance on Friday, followed by some strength training. 

What did you have for lunch today?

Do you consider yourself to be a speed or distance runner? Do you ever mix it up? Why or why not???