Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crazy Day Recap!

Holy moly, friends. I'm pooped.  "Why?", you ask? Because today was a CRAZY DAY!

Early this AM, my Bronx students unveiled the mural they've been working on, and shared some of the poetry they've written throughout the year. My last session with these kids is this Friday. I'm refusing to acknowledge it until then, so I don't become a big soggy weeping mess for the next two days.

I got to meet up with the hubs for a quick sushi lunch date!

Sweet Potato, California Roll, and Peanut and Avocado Roll with Brown Rice! YUM!

Then it was off to do some more child-wrangling with my Brooklyn babies! 
Miss Keelie teaches dance, helps with homework AND heals boo-boos!

And then I booked it into Manhattan to take another Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp! So fun! :)

Hubs had an audition and a rehearsal, so we met up afterwards for a quick fro-yo dinner. Joe got his usual 'candy/ cereal bowl'- this time with Nilla wafers, coconut, mochi and something else on chocolate yogurt.

I rocked the Madagascar Vanilla, razzies, slivered almonds, mochi and dark chocolate (hiding underneath)

Yep. Those are, indeed, silly bands. Be jealous.

What "non-dinner" do you like to have for dinner? FROYO for me! :)


Liz said...

I love love LOVE breakfast for dinner!

fancy nancy said...

Oh yeah froyo for dinner!!! And swing some of that sushi my way!

Keelie Sheridan said...

:) Both the sushi and froyo were DELISH! Yesterday was a yummy day! :)

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