Saturday, June 25, 2011

Farmer's Market Fun!

We had both woken up early Saturday AM, and though it was raining, we remembered the Gloversville Farmer's Market was open, and ran over for a quick impromptu shopping trip!

Baked goodies from Chick and Hen!

For breakfast, my mom picked up a Chick and Hen smoked bacon and gruyere quiche and a fruit tarte.

The quiche had a nice, crisp pastry shell with a mild custardy filling. It was denser than most quiches, but I really liked the consistency. I wished there was a stronger gruyere presence and a bit more bacon, but overall, it was delicious!

The tarte's crust reminded me a lot of shortbread. Topped with thick vanilla pudding and fresh fruit, it made a perfect breakfast dessert! ...Because we all know it's OK to have dessert after every meal. :)

Cheese from the Palatine Valley Dairy.

Fudge from Karen's Produce and Ice Cream- one of my first jobs was working at their produce stand and scooping ice cream!
Fresh strawberries from Conbeer's Farm! NY has a RIDICULOUSLY SHORT growing season for these...

This truck made me so happy.

A fun excursion with the maternal unit!

What is your favorite farmer's market find?


A Fine Balance said...

Holy Heaven!

cannot wait for the reviews!

Julie D. said...

love, love, love farmers markets! great pics!

Keelie Sheridan said...

:) More pics posted!

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