Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's a "Friday" Wednesday

Fridays are usually my crazy day, but this week, because the school year is ending, I get TWO crazy days! :)

I have to be in the Bronx by 9a to set up for my 4th and 5th grade student's culminating event. I teach with Community Word Project, and the students have been writing poetry, painting a mural and working on their performance skills, so today is the mural reveal and each child gets a copy of their classes' poetry anthology. 

I'll then zip back to Brooklyn and hit my apartment for a change of clothes and lunch. I'm teaching 1st and 2nd grade this afternoon. Immediately after I leave my Brooklyn students, I'll hop BACK on the subway and head into Manhattan for another Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp class! I wrote about my first session with them earlier this week- it was so much fun!

Yesterday's breakfast- overnight oats with chia seeds, flax seeds, vanilla protein and frozen bloobs and mango. Mmmmmm....

Lunch was veggies with Trader Ming's dressing and Ezekiel toast with almond butter (not pictured). 

Dinner was an eggwhite omelette with fat-free cream cheese and a TJ mini wheat tortilla... I still need to work on getting more veggies...

Yesterday's workout consisted of:

Playing on the playground with my students!

And some good-old-fashioned child wrangling. 

Boy will I miss these kids when I go back to school in the fall...

ANNNND the crappiest 2 mile run of my life, which was supposed to be a whole lot longer until I got sick. More about that later.

Do you have a crazy day of the week? Is it the same day every week?

What non-traditional workouts do you squeeze into your day?


fancy nancy said...

Sounds like a crazy day!!! Do you work with the kids through the summer? I always miss my kids so much during the summer!

Can I come over for breakfast? That looks so yummy!!! My non-traditional workouts are more like marching, chasing bubbles, chasing Em, and climbing slides! Love them!!!

Git It Girl said...

Ooooooh! Breakfast looks yummy!!!

Liz said...

Breakfast does look delicious! And I'm kinda jealous of your job--you always seem to have so much fun!!

LovesVeggies said...

Love your blog! Looks like you are quite adventurous like me, hehe. Love the Puerto Rico posts! I've never been there but I have done a few Costa Rica trips and they have been some of my hands-down favorite vacations! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll add you to the roll for sure! :)

A Fine Balance said...

bloobs lol
I had to laugh at the and that sucks about your run I want to hear about...Ill tell you one thing I HATE running. I feel like im going to cough up a lung so Im sure youre doing better than I am! :)

Keelie Sheridan said...

@ Nancy- yes- I'll be working with some of my kids this summer! I work with 120 K-5th graders during the school year in Brooklyn and then we cut to 60 for the summer- I won't see my Bronx kids, though! :( What do you teach??

@Git It Girl- Thanks- it was AWESOME! :)

Thanks, Liz! I LOVE my job. Sad to leave this fall, but going back to school is the right thing for me! :)

@Loves Veggies- Costa Rica is on my list of places to visit! SO GORGEOUS! Definitely check out PR if you ever get a chance! :)

@A Fine Balance- it's taken me YEARS to actually like running!

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