Monday, June 27, 2011

Party Up!

GREETINGS FROM LITTLE SWITZERLAND, NC! I'm attending a playwrighting retreat so blogging will be a bit sporadic- I'm in an adorable cabin that has NO wireless or cell service. It's going to be a productive week! :)

In the meantime, enjoy my weekend recap! Saturday was a party day! Joe and I had a beach birthday party in the AM and a reunion BBQ in the afternoon!

Gettin' crazy at Caroga Lake with Travis and Jarred!

Joe likes soda.

It was rainy and overcast, but Jarred and I braved the cold mountain lake water like champs!

And then it was off to Nelliston for a reunion with some of my middle/high school besties! LOVE these girls!

Do you ever double or triple dip with parties? I was supposed to attend ANOTHER party Saturday evening, but got wrapped up packing for my artist residence in NC.


Liz said...

Can't say that I have had more than one party to go to on one day. Normally, if I do have a schedule conflict, I end up going to the most important one. Your playwright retreat sounds fun/exciting! And your blog cracks me up--specifically your captions :) Good luck this week!

Keelie Sheridan said...

The retreat has been great! :)

And thank you- I'm glad to hear I'm not the ONLY one who thinks I'm hilarious. :)

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