Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family Matters

After yesterday's shopping trip, I did a nice 4.5 mile outdoor run- there's a BEAUTIFUL track near my mom's house and some killer hills on the way- along with a stadium workout (stair running, incline pushups, tuck jumps...etc)...

I was STARVING when I got home, so my sisters and I got to work making dinner! One of my favorite parts of being home is doing completely mundane tasks with my family- MUCH more fun!

Kieren grilled up some chicken.

Courtney took drink orders.

I made black rice and veggies!

From L to R- Kieren, Courtney, myself and my mom!

Courtney's boyfriend, Jeremi, joined us for game night.

This morning I had a quick dance rehearsal and then glued myself to the computer to finish up some end of the year teaching paperwork ( 'cuz mama's gotta get paid).

Kieren and I hit up Moe's this evening for some taco-yumminess with my dad!

Kieren is not amused with my incessant photo taking. She'll thank me when she's 800,000,000 years old and wants to remember everything we ever did ever.

Myself and the PapiChuela.

Now I'm chillaxin' with the mahjah watching ghost shows (her favorite) and eating watermelon. I might do some bodyweight moves... what are your favorites?


Julie D. said...

Such a fun time!! love it.

Keelie Sheridan said...


A Fine Balance said...

I have started to document everything too lol. My baby sister thinks I am a nuisance but I keep telling her the same thing, one day she will thank me :P

these days i do a lot of posing, front pose, side pose and a lot of smiling:)

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