Thursday, June 30, 2011

Road Trip Recap DAY 2

I was up at 7 the next AM to get back on the road. After THREE wild goose chases, courtesy of my GPS, I gave up my Starbucks search and ran into a Martin's to grab breakfast and iced coffee.
 Atoning for my buffet sins the night before with Greek yogurt and a banana.

I did a little more frolicking at rest stops. 

You see some strange things driving in the south... not like we were going 80 mph or anything...

After lots of twisty, turning mountain roads, I made it!

I arrived on Monday, and the past few days have been AMAZING. 

More to follow!


A Fine Balance said...

Ah GPS' have a mind of their own no?

glad you're enjoying your time away

Holly said...

If that's 116 on 81 that explains it! I went to college in that area and there are many strange things you will see!

Keelie Sheridan said...

@ A Fine Balance- it was shenanigans! It took me to the middle of a residential block, and then instructed me to go to an elementary school, neither of which were named "Starbucks".

@Holly- YES- I was on 81! I also saw THREE monster trucks. Amazing. :)

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