Friday, January 13, 2012

Film Shoot Prep and Miss America Tribute!

Happy Friday evening/ early Saturday AM! Oy- I really need to get to bed. Just wanted to share a quick vlog about my prep for tomorrow's day on set- I'm shooting a pilot called I Am Schmuck. Details forthcoming! :)

I probably won't get to post until LATE tomorrow evening, so I also wanted to share my predictions for the Miss America Pageant (9p EST tomorrow on ABC). As you may or may not know, I used to compete in the Miss America system. 

To most people, a pageant is:

On Stage Question


Evening Gowns


But I can tell you from firsthand experience that there is SO MUCH MORE that goes into this event than what you see onstage. These young women have worked tirelessly since they've been crowned (some of them for years working up to their state titles) promoting their platforms and making a positive impact in their communities. 

During my time as Miss Brooklyn 2009 and Miss Greater NYC 2010, I:

Mentored young women.

Partnered with local businesses.

Worked with local politicians and dignitaries.

Supported community events.

Honored outstanding local citizens.

Volunteered at non-profits.

Supported local artists.

Raised money for great causes.

Took time to talk to everyone who would listen.

And made lifelong friends.
This photo was taken at my wedding. Each gorgeous women in this picture was a titleholder in the Miss America system.

Those are the kind of amazing opportunities the Miss America Organization makes possible. EACH of those women you see on TV tomorrow have done all of the above and more. They've impacted their communities, their states and our countries in a profound way, and they have very, very bright futures ahead of them!

My predictions for tomorrow's Top 15 are:


Tune in tomorrow to see how close I come! I have a good feeling about Miss NY (not just because she's my homestate gal) and Miss OK ( I swear it's not just because she's an Irish step dancer like me...)

Do you watch the Miss America pageant? Do you know the difference between Miss America and Miss USA?