Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book Launch Parties, Exciting News and Food (Natch)!

If we're connected on Facebook or Twitter then you probably already know this, but I'm included on's Bloggers Reveal feature! Wahoo! What an honor!

In other exciting news, my husband just finished the first draft of his book. 
 And now, my job begins. Did you know that being married to a writer automaticallly makes you the first draft editor? Now you do. Though I can't complain- he edits all of my writing, too (plays, short stories, etc.).

Speaking of exceptional literary talent, I had the extremely exciting honor of attending the launch of my homegirl Leigh Stein's book tour for her first novel, The Fallback Plan!

 If you knew her, the panda wouldn't surprise you. If you don't know her, you should. Leigh and I were partnered by fate to teach dance (me) and drama (her) at an afterschool program in Brooklyn. Along with Erin (the visual arts leg of our happy art trifecta), we pushed our kids to work hard and as a result, they turned into some pretty accomplished artists. 

 There was a seriously impressive crowd of local supporters. Everyone wants a piece of the fabulous Miss Wee!

 An audience of pandas listened to her hypnotizing prose...

 Afterschool program support! Joshua was one of the most helpful counselors we worked with, and Erin (center) is the aforementioned visual arts genie.

 I can't wait to read my copy! It will probably not happen until the end of the semester, but a girl can dream, can't she?!

 Joe's pretty stoked, too!

 I got an autograph!

 It was so wonderful to have a mini-reunion with these fab former co-workers!

I got in a great Daily Burn kickboxing workout yesterday! I'm a part of their test group and have absolutely LOVED this program- the videos are great, not too long and challenging enough without being too difficult. They prompt you to enter your weight and they allow you to track the reps you complete of certain exercises while you're doing your workout. I'm beautifully sore this AM! :)

Joe got home just as I was finishing up my workout, and I was STARVING, so we whipped up some delicious lunch fare!

 Grilled tofu, cucumber, black bean, red pepper, pear and blueberry salad with beef veggie soup! So simple and so delicious!

 I continued unpacking and found these awesome cookie cutters my sister got my for Christmas. HA. 

We ran some errands and then did a marathon editing session for the hub's new book.

And then... DINNAH!
 Our friends who live in Hawaii sent Joe lots of delicious treats for his birthday in September, including these two jellies. 

 I scouted about for some other ingredients...

 And then mixed up a quick glaze for the salmon fillet we picked up at the store. 

-2 tbsp jelly or jam (I used 1/2 guava, 1/2 grapefruit juice)
-1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
-1 tbsp minced garlic (or 2-3 cloves)

 I applied 1/2 of the glaze and baked the salmon for 15 mins in a 450F oven, applied the other 1/2 and baked for another 10 minutes. 

 Joe grilled up these beauties on our Griddler with a bit of olive oil.

And I mixed up a tasty avocado sauce!

-1/2 cup lowfat greek yogurt
-1 avocado, diced
-1 tsp tahini
-1 tbsp minced garlic (or 2-3 cloves)
-1/2 tsp lime juice
-1 tbsp unsweetened apple sauce (just go with me here...)
-ground cumin to taste

 Combine ingredients in a food processor. Pulse until smooth. Serve cold.

 Success! The avocado sauce was delicious on both the asparagus and the salmon!