Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Accidental Meatless Monday

Yesterday was an unintentional meatless Monday. Honestly, the hubs and I haven't been buying meat at the grocery store for a few months now and we've not really missed it. It was pretty unintentional on my part- I can eat vegan for days without noticing- but at the grocery store last week I asked Joe if he wanted to get some chicken breast or ground turkey and he said "I think if we're going to buy meat we should only buy the grass-fed, hormone-free, free-range stuff. I want to know where it's coming from." Quite the statement from my usually food-oblivious husband. And since 50% of the workforce in our house is currently unemployed and in graduate school, pricier meat options are... not options. So meatless we shall be! (I do eat meat while dining out- I haven't made a TOTAL switch over yet- as is evidenced by the delicious breakfast sandwiches I had Saturday and Sunday).

On my way to school, I devoured this delicious, juicy peach. I LOVE stone fruit but have a bad habit of letting it sit in my fridge because I think it never goes bad. And then it does go bad. And I cry a little...

I also chewed on a Clif Kid Zbar- their Full Moon Brownie with White Chocolate is seasonal, I think. I wish it wasn't. 

My helpful hubs had packed me a lunch bag to get me through two rehearsals, a meeting and a class. I honestly don't remember what I ate... I think a yogurt and some carrots before my meeting and maybe another granola bar after class? School does funny things to your brain...

I LOVE IT WHEN MY HUSBAND HAS DAYS OFF. There. I said it. Because it means I can usually convince him to cook. I came home last night to this bowl of deliciousness- red wheat berries, rainbow Swiss chard, mango, red pepper and almonds. Yum. 

I have class, two rehearsals and two meetings on the docket but I just got news that one of my classes was cancelled today which means I might get to go for a  run! I still can't breath out of my nose, but I'm sick of sitting. I need to moooooove!