Friday, November 4, 2011

Tasty Thursday

Can you shoot sunshine out of YOUR banana? Don't worry if you can't- it took me A LOT of practice. 

I sipped on this Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus Smoothie on the train- it was pretty yummy! A bit sweeter than I like my yogurt, but with LOTS of protein. 

When I walked into the room for Voice class, this guy was waiting for me. Charming, isn't he?

All of our AM classes ran over, so we had about 20 mins for lunch- hooray for classroom picnics! 
 Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ Almonds (LOVE), TJ's Tatziki with TJ's Flax Tortillas, string cheese, a pear and the rest of my smoothie from the AM. 

Once again, I was feeling like death after class- I just can't seem to shake this cold/ sinus infection/ whatever is going on my my chest/ nose... Ugghghhhghghhghghghg.

Fortunately, Joe was home, so I charged him with dinner! We ended up with a very delicious Cheesy Polenta dish (I'd love to share a recipe but Joe doesn't remember how he made it. Sigh...) and some mixed greens! 

Today is a sick day for me... I'm not sure what's going on, but I DO know I need rest... Oof...

Who's running the NYC Marathon this weekend???? If I'm feeling better by Sunday I'm hoping to come cheer you all on! 


GenevieveAldi said...

The Bolthouse strawberry yogurt smoothie was too sweet for me...their chocolate one, however, is DIVINE.

Keelie Sheridan said...

Good to know! I saw the chocolate and wondered... I agree this one was pretty sweet...

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