Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chilly Day In

And the sickness continues. Ugghhhh... Whatever this is, it needs to go away. NOW. Please and thank you. 

I cancelled both of my rehearsals Friday AM because I was feeling so badly. I had a small bowl of cereal (which was DELICIOUS) and went back to bed. 

Later on I ventured outside for a short walk to get some fresh air. 

My nabe is gorgeous in the fall! (...and the winter, spring and summer... but I'm biased...)

I had leftover rice and beans for lunch (no photo- insert mental image of arroz con habichuelas aqui). 

For dinner, I made a quick garlic, olive oil, onion and Worcester sauce marinade. 

We tossed the marinaded mushrooms and asparagus on our Griddler (one of my favorite wedding presents!!) and they came out perfectly. I <3 grill marks. 

We heated up the rest of the Mac  Polenta & Cheese (recipe coming soon). 

Veggie Wraps with Cheesy Polenta Sauce!

We forgot to cut the asparagus so Joe had some issues...

So. Darn. Good.

Proof that I ate a mushroom! (I'm a lifelong mushroomphobe and am trying desperately to teach myself to like them... progress is... slow...)

The hubs is currently writing a TV pilot, so his creative team came over for a production meeting (they begin shooting tomorrow)! I was bumbling around in the kitchen and these happened....

They were a hit at the meeting and I took them with me today to a video shoot where EVERYONE raved about them! 

I'm off to a fundraiser for the 2nd year MFA Actors in my program... Still feeling like junk, but gotta support!