Friday, November 18, 2011

A Hazy Few Days

Hi friends. I missed you! Comin' atcha from the other side of my very first all-nighter. When I got into bed last night, I had been awake for 40 hours straight. It's awful for your body and mind, and I don't recommend it, though in a strange way I do feel as though I've earned my grad-student stripes... 

Here are a few photos from my hazy memory of the past two days..

Mmmm... Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt NuGo Bars make my heart sing! 

I waited for a train for almost 30 mins during rush hour. WHY, MTA? WHY?

I stopped by the school's secret dining hall that has decent food and is undergrad-free! SO. QUIET!

I chomped on this delicious quinoa, chia and millet based bar by TWO DEGREES. I <3 this company- they give a nutrition pack to a hungry child every time you buy a bar! Deal!

I desperate needed some vitamins, so I sucked down one of these...

I enjoyed a bagged lunch- carrots and almonds and yogurt, oh my!

And on the eve of my all-nighter the producer of the pilot Joe's writing surprised us with THE BEST PIZZA ON EARTH. I've posted before about my obsession with L&B Spumoni Gardens, but it bears repeating- this is the best Sicilian pizza you will find on earth. Anywhere. 

I also found this note- the hubs had baked!

And I got a great surprise in the mail- a package of Drink Chia! YUMMMM!

I just got back from a FABULOUS blog event that I'll tell you all about in the morning before heading to the NYC BLOGGER PLAYDATE!!! Tomorrow's NYC Blogger Playdate will include an epic sweat sesh at Five Points Academy followed by some delicious eats at Patois! Can't. Hardly. Wait!