Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Friar's Foundation Larry King Testimonial Dinner

As a Klout perk, I recently received a sample pack of Two Degrees Bars. I ADORE this company. For every bar you buy, they donate a nutrition pack to a hungry child. 

I'm so excited to try these bars. I received samples of Cherry Almond, Chocolate Peanut and Apple Pecan.

Joe had yesterday off and we were both up early because our landlord came to look at a crack in our ceiling. I started chipping away at homework while Joe fixed a surprise breakfast! 

Sweet Potato Pancakes! SCORE! I want to tweak the recipe a bit (he got a little nutmeg happy) before I share it, but these were pretty darn fantastic!

I had two rehearsals scheduled before class, so I met up with my scene partners to work on selections from the play Proof by David Auburn before Improv class. 

We take our Improv class with the 1st year MFA Directors- it's the only time our group of 7 is mixed up, and it's a fun way to start the week. PLUS the directing students are AWESOME... And sometimes they bring in cupcakes.
 This may or may not have been my lunch. Don't judge. 

My classmate Jonny and I were honored to receive Friar's Foundation Scholarships (remember when I performed at the reception at the Friar's Club?) and as Friars' Scholars we were invited to attend the Larry King Testimonial Dinner last evening, so we slid out of improv a bit early to get gussied up. 

 Can you tell we were excited?

The event was held in the beautiful Sheraton Ball Room on 7th Ave and 53rd. 
Hint: When attending a fancy event in Manhattan, wear anything but black and  you will automatically stand out. I got this sassy frock at the thrift store- vintage for $10? Yes, please. 

During the cocktail hour there was a HUGE silent auction with some incredibly impressive film, sports, music and pop culture memorabilia (almost ALL of it was autographed).  

I couldn't decide which I wanted more- the autographed Jay Z poster or this autographed shot of Gene Wilder... I wonder if they would have let me use my scholarship $ to bid on these items? Probably not...

We mingled and milled around the reception for about an hour- I was AMAZED at how many Friars remembered me from the previous event- some even remembered my name! Crazy! At around 7:30 we moved into the main ballroom for dinner. Jonny and I were joined by BFA Acting student Miles, who is hilarious. I asked him if he dared me to tuck the tablecloth into my shirt like a bib, and he did it himself instead... And left it there... 
 Keepin' it classy...

Dinner itself was INSANE- I didn't take a picture- I was that excited. A giant cut of filet mignon, a delicious quiche-esque something (I really don't know what it was, but it was great) and veggies. 

They passed around these beauties as the show got started. Strawberry mousse (MY FAVORITE), a lemon meringue, a strawberry tart and a chocolate liqueur mousse-filled chocolate shell. 

The actual show itself was really wonderful- some great musical tributes and a proper roasting of Larry King (who took all the jokes in stride) by Regis Philbin, Kathy Griffin, Katie Couric, Collin Quinn and the Donald, to name a few. It was really touching to hear everyone speak about his impact on their career and on our culture as a whole. 

With my date for the night- the fabulous Jonny! We had a blast!

AND they sent us home with candy. AWESOME.

Thank you, Friars, for an amazing evening. I feel so very lucky to be an Adopted Scholar in your Foundation!