Sunday, November 6, 2011

Breakfast Sandwiches & Dinner Parties

I'm. Still. Sick. And VERY much over it. 

I'm trying my best not to let it cramp my style, so even though I didn't sleep at all Friday night, Joe and I were up bright and early yesterday AM and decided to stroll to Brighton Beach for breakfast. 

 It was a GORGEOUS morning!

We rolled into Caffeine in Brighton Beach for some coffee and breakfast sandwiches. 

Joe got ham, egg and swiss on a regular bagel. 

I got down with this delicious monster- cheddar, egg and turkey bacon on an everything bagel. The turkey bacon is CRAZYgood- thick meaty slices, complementing the salty cheddar and symphonic bagel toppings. One of my top 5 breakfast sandwiches of all time. A bit pricey, but worth it. 

Iced coffee makes me a happy girl!

Naturally, after our delicious and savory breakfast, we were ready for breakfast dessert, and we knew exactly what we wanted. 

La Brioche is one of my favorite neighborhood bakeries! Joe and I come here... a lot...

Take my advice and get the sweet cheese turnover. Bring it to the beach and die of happiness. 

 If you're feeling generous, you can share a tiny bit with a squirrel, but watch out- these guys get FRIENDLY. 

I swear I didn't paint this... though if I WAS to tag a wall, there would probably be a smiley face and a peace sign somewhere on it...

I had a music video shoot in the afternoon (I promise to post the finished product when it's done) and then I ran home to snarf down some lunch and get some studying done...

 One of my best friends has family in Marietta, Ohio, and every time we visit, we insist on stopping at Rossi Pasta. Have you ever had Rossi Pasta? If not, I'm about to change your life. It's epic and they have a trillion flavors. Get some. NOW!

Awesome pasta topped w/ YUMsauce and shredded asiago = a really good time.

 I vegged it up with a little Trader Ming's and some mixed greens...

The Brooklyn College MFA Class of 2012 (the 2nd years) held a fundraiser dinner at one of our professor's homes to help finance their showcase. I arrived just in time for appetizers! Homemade white bean hummus, pita chips, carrots, bread and olive oil!

I got to hang out with some of my favorite handsome boys...

...AND wear awesome tights!

Dinner was baked ziti (choice of cheese, turkey or mushroom) and salad (choice of arugula and parmesan or romaine). I had turkey ziti and arugula salad- it was delicious!

Cozy couch time with some of my fellow MFA actors!

After dinner and COPIOUS dancing, the party moved downstairs for a ping pong tournament! Representing the 1st year actors, my classmates Patrick and Aaron... did... OK....

There were some delicious little bites for dessert that I wasn't able to photograph before devouring. 

Admittedly, I was out a bit later than I should have been given my compromised respiratory health, but I had a blast!