Monday, November 28, 2011

My MIA Weekend Part 2: Thanksgiving!

After a day full of classes on Wednesday and a post-class rehearsal, I headed back to my apartment to grab my suitcases and Joe and hit up Penn Station for the late-night train to Albany.

It's possible some of this happened. You know a blogger is hungry/ exhausted when she photographs the sign but not the food. It was good, in case you were wondering...

We rolled into Albany at around 1:15a- my dad (who LOVES coming to get me from the train station- no matter what time) was waiting for us, ready to kick off the holiday weekend!

We crashed at my dad's house and were up early on Thanksgiving to make the rounds. First stop? GRANDMA'S HOUSE!

My gram is one cool chick. I miss her and my gramps a lot when I'm not upstate!

And then we headed over to visit with my Aunt and Uncle- two more of my favorite people! They're building a new porch to replace the one damaged in this summer/ fall's hurricane/ flood/ tornado combo- the Mohawk Valley of NY got hit HARD. 

It was my first time being home since the storm hit and surveying the damage. It's pretty awe-inspiring to see how powerful nature can be.

 All of my childhood climbing trees ended up like this one. I miss them.

After our AM visitation excursion it was back to my dad's for meal #1! My step-nephews taught me piano and gave me pool lessons, which was pretty fantastic. 

I loaded up as soon as the food was ready!
Cranberry sauce (canned and homemade), stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, turkey and pumpkin bread. Everything was delicious, but when you visit many houses on Thanksgiving you must pace yourself!

My sister Kieren wasted no time digging in. 

My faux-bro Shawn (Kieren's boyfriend for a trillion years) and Joe get into trouble together... We try not to seat them next to each other, but somehow it ends up happening...

After eating, the kids (step-nephews and cousins) initiated a game of hide and seek! Somehow I didn't end up with a single picture of any of the chilluns- I swear they exist!

And then my baby sister arrived (she had to work that AM- HOW LAME IS THAT?) and the real fun began. 

My sisters and I are ALWAYS the life of the party. 
We're a bit out of control... 

Oh good... their father's here. He'll keep them in line, right?!

 ...Wrong. And now you see where we get it from. At least my step-mother looks normal...

We bid our farewells to Papajama's side of the family and headed to Mamapajama's house!

Joe and Shawn getting romantic...

My handsome pup.

My mom had been a busy little beaver- pumpkin, apple and paradise pumpkin pie (1/2 pumpkin, 1/2 cheesecake) and a baked pineapple!

Are you noticing a theme?

Before we knew it, it was turkey time!

My mom left the turkey covered the entire time, which made it look anemic but taste AMAZING. So. moist.

My sisters are taste testers!

HOLY STUFFING! Courtney's a little obsessed...

Awww snap... it's dinner time.

Don't let the shape fool you- they're crescent rolls- Joe's favorite.

 Dinner part two at my mom's house! Yum!

...... That's more like it....

The tastes of my childhood. 

Iced coffee at Thanksgiving dinner? Yes... I'm an addict...

Don't forget dessert!

So. Much. Pie.

How was your Thanksgiving?