Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bloggers We Love!

Yesterday I was still recovering from my very first all nighter- I headed into school for a rehearsal with my scene partner and then a reading of a new play by one of the Brooklyn College playwrights, which was HILARIOUS.

I grabbed a quick lunch at Quiznos with my classmates. The broccoli cheese soup makes me very happy. The sandwich did not. Sigh. You can't win them all...

After bidding farewell to my classmates, I headed into Manhattan to attend the BLOGGERS WE LOVE event at the gorgeous Lali Lali Salon. A HUGE shoutout to the fabulous ladies of Losing in the City and Chic Busy Mom for organizing such an amazing evening! 

 I don't drink very often (I can count on one hand the number of alcholic beverages I've had in 2011), but I was curious to try Barefoot Wine's (the evening's wine sponsor) Sweet Red. I don't like wine, but I LOVED this. Sweet and fruity with banana and berry notes, and sooooo smooth. I'm sold. 

 There were some delicious vegan treats being served, including kale salad, chick'n nuggets and mini cupcakes from Karrot.

 There were free manicures from polish sponsor Ginger and Liz! I chose the shade "New Money". So fun! their colors are SO vibrant and they dry incredibly quickly. Plus it's vegan-friendly and toxin-free! What's not to love?

I spent most of the evening chatting with my new homegirl Erika of Shoes, Shirts and Other Sh!t. We have a ton in common and it was so fun getting to know her.

The awesome Kaitlin of Lali Lali hooked me up with a blowout. 

I was so pleased with the result! Ask for her if you stop by Lali Lali!
 (Awesome tights twins)

Erika and I post-blowouts!

All in all, it was an amazing evening!

And now, off to the third NYC BLOGGER PLAYDATE! WAHOOOO!