Saturday, November 12, 2011


Did anyone make any special 11-11-11 plans? I didn't, but I did have a full and awesome day! :)

On busy mornings I like to eke out a few of these body weight moves- no equipment necessary, and a great way to start your day!

I had two rehearsals in the AM, so I grabbed a Clif Kid Zbar and an apple to munch on while I headed to school. The apple was mushy awfulness (few things make me angrier than mushy apples...) but the bar was delish! :)

There are a TON of trees on the Brooklyn College campus and they're ALL turning- GORGEOUS!

After rehearsal I ran into Manhattan with Joe to meet up with a writer/director to discuss some exciting collaborative performance opportunities for 2012! More details soon!

We picked up a few supplies and then it was over to the our friends' home to celebrate the pre-5th birthday of my super-boyfriend, CHRISTOPHER! I've known this little dude since he was in his mom's tummy and I'm still having trouble believing he's five already! (Read about our beach shenanigans, barbeque shenanigans, soccer game shenanigans and baseball game shenanigans!) Christopher's mom made a delicious baked ziti that we inhaled before I even though to take a picture! After dinner, it was present time!

Here we are, stretching before an epic play session. Safety first. Always use mindfulness and commitment while stretching- do I look like I'm kidding around?

 Christopher's birthday gift from Joe and I! He liked it!

 Getting ready to play...

 After our game, Christopher blew out the candles on his pumpkin birthday doughnut!

Pumpkin yeast doughnut from Doughnut Plant- DELICIOUS!

We also grabbed a blueberry cake doughnut and a salty peanut butter cake doughnut- epic!

The Vanilla Bean, Valhrona Chocolate and PB &J doughnuts were ALL divine!

We share things...

 Like crazy blueberry teeth!

 More game playing happened...

 Followed by some super fancy improvised partner yoga.

 We're pretty magical...

 Christopher and I NEVER want to stop playing...

 ...And usually have to be pulled apart.

Joe gets hugs too, but Christopher keeps him at a distance. They ARE rivals, after all.

I had a blast! Thanks to Jon and Maya for being such awesome hosts, and happy fifth birthday Christopher!