Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Teaching Fun!

AGGGH. I just realized that my student's show is not the day before I leave for HLS, it's THE DAY that I was planning on leaving for HLS. It looks like I'm going to miss the cocktail party. Infinite sadness. :(

But honestly, they're worth it. 

 Another breakfast on the go as I walk to work- almond butter on a sandwich thin... I was hungry two hours later. :(

As promised, here are some photos of costume-day highlights!

 Zeus likes sequins...

 My co-worker snatched this fur coat and modeled it around the WHOLE school building...

 Myself and Hermes, who affectionately refers to this getup as "the pirate outfit".

Aphrodite and Narrator being diva stars. As you can imagine, my job is super tough, especially since they're so shy....

We also recorded the first 1/2 of the older kids' choreography for dance. Enjoy! And ignore my dirt-bag chic dance teacher getup. Or don't. :)


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