Monday, August 22, 2011

My Inspiring Weekend: Part B- Healthy Living Summit Day 1

After my student's show, I booked it to Penn Station to catch a late night train to Philly. I walked from 30th St Station to the Downtown Marriott (our host hotel), picked up my key at the front desk. I've only ever emailed with my HLS roomies, and they were all asleep when I got to the room (understandably, as it was LATE). It's wierd putting on pajamas, brushing your teeth and washing your face in a room full of sleeping people you've never met. It's even weirder to snuggle up next to one of those people and go to sleep. Good thing my roomies are AWESOME. :) 

Breakfast was fantastic! Sponsored by Attune Foods, I enjoyed some fresh fruit, a bowl of Uncle Sam Honey Almond Cereal and Strawberry Cereal (because I'm a mixmaster) with soymilk, a Stonyfield Farms Oikos Drinkable Yogurt in Honey Vanilla and a Tazo Earl Grey with Soymilk. Ahhhhhh.

We did a fun ice breaker to kick the day off- bingo, Healthy Living Summit Style! We had to find another blogger who fit each category- the first one with bingo won a Lululemon gift certificate! Sweet!

Then it was off to our breakout sessions- I attended Budgeting for a Healthy Lifestyle and Rising Above Negativity. After a discussion on creating Action Mantras with Dawn Jackson Blatner, it was time for lunch!

It. Was. Delicious. And I ate enough for two people. The bread, from Great Harvest Charlottesville, was the best bread I have ever put in my mouth ever. Holy Moly. Thanks, Kath!

I got to chat with Krissie of Philly Nerd Girl- she's awesome!

Mmmm.... iced tea....

I snagged some coffee before the keynote speaker (Dawn Jackson Blatner) and head that Evan was giving out brownies! I snagged a peanut butter one- SO. YUMMY. 

Quaker Oats sponsored a snack break, and I JAMMED OUT on this rice cake topped with almond butter and peanut butter. Awwwww yeahhhhh.

In the afternoon I attended The Numbers Game: Motivation for Goals In and Out of Numbers and Monetizing Your Blog (Without Selling Out).  I loved all the sessions I attended, and heard great things about the ones I missed!

How awesome are these collage boards?! Can you find me?

After closing remarks, we headed up to our room to drop off our bags. 
 Holy swag! I'll go into detail in another post about all the awesomeness we received!

We freshened up a bit, and then it was off to explore Philly! I had been once before for the 2009 Irish Step Dance World Championships, so I was eager to do more exploring. 

We swung by the liberty bell!

And then headed down Market Street in search of food. The Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar had something each of us would enjoy, so we stopped in! 

The menu is set up tapas-style and dishes are organized on the menu by size, but something had already caught my eye when we checked out the menu posted near their door. 

 Cheesesteak Eggrolls with Crispy Onions and Sriracha Ketchup. True story. 

 I was a happy girl. 

 The gooey, creamy and salty cheese and chewy, savory beef contrasted perfectly with the satisyfing eggroll crunch of the wrapper, and the addition of the Sriracha ketchup made a good dish amazing. The combo tasted like the love child of a jalapeno popper and a roast beef sandwich. Heaven. 

We were pretty full after dinner, but I INSISTED we continue on a block to one of my fondest memories of my last Philly trip...
 The Franklin Fountain! Old school confectionery and ice cream shoppe! Expensive, but delicious. 

 I got the Homemade Hot Fudge, which was wonderful in every way, though I found myself longing for the Mt. Vesuvius that I had savored years ago. Next time...

 Mindy got one too, and she approved! :)

With full and happy bellies, we strolled back to the hotel to relax, chat, speculate on life and politics, read and sleep. 
My Roomie Dream Team! From L to R:

Sarah from Going on Goals

Stay tuned for Day 2 and my takeaways! :)