Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Inspiring Weekend: Part B- Healthy Living Summit Day 2

I was up at around 7:15a snacking on this Mini Lara Bar from my swag bag before the 8a group walk!

HOLY BLOGGERS! We took over the streets of Philly!

Since it was early Sunday AM, there weren't too many others out and about- a peaceful stroll through a gorgeous city. 
 I love the mass quantities of beautiful sculptures and statues you can find all over Philly- I wish we had more of that here in NYC...

We swung by the LOVE sign for a photo op...

Our 1/2 point destination- the Rocky steps! 

 I made it! :)

When we returned to the hotel, the delicious Quaker Oats sponsored breakfast was waiting for us!

 Almond butter, crushed pecans, honey, flax seeds, chocolate chips. Perfection.

Accompanied with some Earl Grey tea, cranberry juice and fruit! Mmmm....

 Coincidentally, I sat down next to a few NYC bloggers! Caitlin of Caitlin Lives Well and Ashley of Freckles and Spice

After packing up, bidding the roomies farewell and leaving my bags with the front desk, it was time to continue my exploration! 

First stop- Reading Terminal Market. LOVE. 

 These cookie cutters were adorable and cheap! I bought a fleur de lyse and a different one as a surprise gift for someone. :)

 Rosemary leek focaccia from Market Bakery, you haunt my dreams. So soft and chewy and elegant. I love you. 

The last time I was in Philly, I fell in love with Old City Coffee. 

Iced coffee with soymilk, cocoa powder, cinnamon and vanilla powder, we should be together. 

I stopped by the spice market and picked up some almond meal, walnut meal and unsweetened shredded coconut- be on the lookout for some exciting recipes! :)

The rain subsided and I continued my stroll. 

After shopping my way down Market St. (looking for items for my school uniform- my graduate acting program requires black t-shirts, black sweatpants, black sports bras and black socks at every class), I was HANGRY. 

I passed by a few brunch spots before finally deciding on Cuba Libre. 

The perfect spot for a solo lunch! 

I had just missed the cutoff for their unlimited brunch (you KNOW I'd have been down with that) so I picked a few items off their tapas-style menu. 

Citrus Guacamole with Plaintain Chips- light, creamy, clean and refreshing. 

And then I ordered the Sopa Levanata Muerto ( "Soup that Can Raise the Dead"). This was without a doubt the best soup I have ever put in my mouth. Ever. 
 A coconut milk, truffle oil and vegetable stock base with crabmeat, scallops, shrimp and mussels. Holy. Friggin. Moly. Amazing. 

 As I was returning to the hotel from lunch, a CRAZY thunder storm rolled in...

I swung back into Reading Terminal Market for one last treat- ice cream from Basset's- I got a scoop of the vanilla and a scoop of Gadzooks Blanc (vanilla ice cream with peanut butter brownie pieces, chocolate chips and a caramel swirl). Delicious. 

To sum up the weekend:

-My fellow food, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle bloggers are incredibly unique, intelligent, authentic and inspiring people. 
-The Healthy Living community is a very supportive one. 
-There are a lot of exciting opportunities for bloggers like myself if you do some research!
-Philadelphia is gorgeous!