Monday, August 8, 2011


I hopped off the grid for a few days while I was home taking care of my mom. She's doing well, resting at home and happy to be out of rehab.

So what have I been up to? The usual. 

 Obscene portions of ice cream with friends.

 ...At midnight...

 Tricking my mom into eating veggies (zucchini and turkey meatball pizza).

 Convincing the same friend who I had midnight ice cream with to bring a whole 1/2 gallon to my mom's house the following night...

 Cooking breakfast with my sisters...

 Making my other sister wash the dishes..

 Having a fruit party!

 Further veg-ifying my mom's life with some turkey sausage sandwiches and mixed veggies...

 Slurping down the delicious lavender honey my MIL sent.

MORE custom breakfasts for mommy dearest.

Complete with custom fruit salad.

 When I arrived at my apartment in NYC, there was a package of products from Swanson Health waiting for me to try! Can't wait!

 Joe had made a veggie chili while I was gone... so yummy!

AND he had picked up some dessert. Oh. Yeah.

I did A LOT of running around this weekend, but I did manage to get in a few mini-workouts. Mostly, I did the circuit below, repeating as many times as I could.

Side Plank Raises (10x 3 per side)
Pushups (10) 
Jump Squats with 10lb dumbell (10)
Shoulder presses, 10lb per arm, 10
Tricep Kickbacks with 10lb per arm, 10
Mountain Climbers (30)
Sun Salutation

What's your go-to short and sweet workout?


Tenecia said...

You always have such great food pics!!!


Keelie Sheridan said...

:) Thanks, lady!

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