Friday, August 19, 2011

Sushi Date, Baking and the WORST RUN EVER.

I was able to cross a few more things off of yesterday's TO-DO list! :)

I got to the gym and hopped on the treadmill for what turned out to be one of my worst runs in a lonnnnnng time. It was the perfect storm of upset stomach, severe sleep deprivation, dehydration and not keeping up on my training. I had to PUSH for three miles. Embarassing. "Hey Keelie, weren't you just doing 10 mile runs?" "Yep." "And don't you have a 1/2 marathon coming up in like a week?" "Yep." Oyyyy.

After my craptastic run I ran to the grocery store to pick up supplies. I spent the rest of the evening baking for my babies- a special treat for today, which is their show and my last day teaching before embarking on a new journey. Expect a VERY weepy post in the VERY near future about how these munchkins (the kids, not the cookies) have changed my life. I ate enough batter to make myself nauseous. In a good way. 
 I made THESE Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies from Heidi Bakes- I've seen recipes for GIANT oreo cc cookies with an entire oreo in them, but my students definitely do not need that much sugar... These turned out great! I'll let you know what the kids think of them. 

 Gyoza! (Did you know I'm a dumpling snob? One of my best friends in life (who sadly has relocated to Hawaii) and I are dumpling connosieurs of the most discriminating quality- our favorites are the 5 dumplings for $1 in Sunset Park- Brooklyn's Chinatown). These were OK, though. 

 Hand rolls! Sweet potato and mango/ avocado (MY FAVORITE ROLL ON EARTH). Delicious!

I'm sort of packed for the Healthy Living Summit. My train doesn't leave until 10p tonight (have fun at the cocktail party, homies) so I'll have a little bit of time after my kid's show to finish packing. 

If you're attending HLS this weekend and are based out of NYC or the surrounding areas, HOLLA AT ME about the upcoming NYC BLOGGER PLAYDATE!


fancy nancy said...

Those cookies look amazing!!! I am always looking for good recipes!

Good luck today and have a blast at the Summit!

Keep your head up! Running can be so fickle!

Inga said...

I don't wanna be biased, but since I am an asian connoisseur...I would just like to say that the Japanese food here is leaps and bounds better than NYC.

I don't condone eating disorders but really you have 2 options.

Anorexia before you come, or obesity after you leave...

Keelie Sheridan said...

@ Nancy- thank you! The Summit was a blast- maybe we'll see you there next year? :)

@Inga- I'm saving my calories... starting... now.

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