Thursday, August 11, 2011

Getting Sweaty Outside the Gym...

I've been a bit frustrated that I've not been able to get to the gym recently... It's been a crazy past few weeks and between traveling, teaching and preparing for school, my routine has been significantly interrupted. I'd be a little more concerned if my days weren't so active to start with. 

My commute is just over 5 miles roundtrip, which I walk. And when I arrive, there is no sitting at a desk for this girl.

 Warmups are pretty comprehensive...

 LOTS of stretching. 

 With correct form, of course!

 Bakasana, anyone?

 After teaching yesterday, I met up with Joe and my sister Courtney for dinner at 1001 Nights, one of my FAVORITE Persian restaurants, conveniently located a few blocks from my apartment. I've reviewed it on Yelp here

Afterwards we headed to Arbuz for Courtney's first fro-yo. She... didn't like it. :( Sadness. Now NEITHER of my sisters will eat froyo with me. 

Does your daily life keep you active, or do you need the gym to get your sweat-on?