Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School, Back to School...

Brownie points if you read that in an Adam Sandler voice. 

I feel...

I'm so excited to be a part of this program. It's small (my class consists of myself and six other actors), and we're in very competent hands. I think this is the right choice for me, but as many of you know, returning to school (especially a program this rigorous) meant leaving a career that I had fallen in love with. I know that teaching will be waiting for me at the end of this journey, but the opportunity to focus on myself and my craft as an actor without distraction is something I've been dreaming of for years!

Fun incredibly random grad school fact? Fellow NYC Blogger Aubrie at Drunk on Opportunity (whom I met when I was the outgoing Miss Brooklyn and she was competing to take my place) is ALSO in the Graduate Theatre dept at my school (though I believe she's studying arts admin- so I won't see her as much). It's nice to know there's a fellow blogger hanging around- maybe we'll be able to squeeze in a few lunchtime runs! :)

This weekend should be exciting. I'm meeting a beautiful friend for brunch on Saturday and then on Sunday I'm running my first race EVER- the Bronx 1/2 Marathon- hooray for waking up at 3a to leave my house at 3:45a for 5:30a registration! Unless it hurricanes and my nabe is evacuated (you know all those obnoxious "I live near the beach!" "I live on a bay!" posts? No bueno in hurricane time...). Never a dull moment. 

What do you do to center when you're nervous/ excited?