Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurrication Day #2

Sunday was Irene's slated date of arrival, so we stayed in and enjoyed a lazy hurrication (hurricane + vacation) day at my friends' home. 
 Joe set to work making multigrain pancakes, and I caramelized some peaches! 

 Brown sugar + cinnamon + vanilla extract- mix in a bowl and then sautee in a pan with butter until glaze forms, simmer and allow the peach juice to reduce for a few moments, and then serve! 

 Simple, divine goodness. 

Little Ronnie LOVED his pancakes! 

We lounged around the house for a bit, and then snarfed down some ice cream while playing Betrayal: House on the Hill (only the BEST board game on earth). 
 Around 3p we lost power. It was actually pretty relaxing- Christina played with the baby, the boys played board games and I did some homework, all with the windows open, letting the sunlight and breeze into the house. AND since our friends have a generator, we were able to keep the fridge and a lamp going...

 Things got complicated when it got dark out! We opted to do dinner on the grill, which involved me holding up a flashlight so Christina didn't burn herself!
 Don't be deceived by the flash- it was A LOT darker than it looks here. 

Mmm... grilled avocado squash from Stokes Farm. We also had delicious all-beef nitrate and filler free hotdogs. 

 Everyone relaxed a bit after dinner. Joe and Little Ronnie always seem to have an extremely good time together. 

And then.... bedtime. 

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