Saturday, August 27, 2011

So this one time, I was evacuated....

You live in a basement. Across the street from a bay. Three blocks from the ocean. There's a hurricane on the way. How do you prepare?

Yesterday was overwhelming. Our neighborhood (because it's low-laying and VERY close to the ocean) was placed under mandatory evacuation yesterday, with a deadline of today at 5p. The MTA began shutting down this afternoon, so Joe and I decided to get out last night. I was completely clueless about how to prepare my home for a hurricane/ potential flooding. I did my best to get our valuables off the ground and unplug everything. 

 Save the books! We cleared out the bottom shelves on all of our cases (only 1/2 of which are pictured here- we have a book problem).

 Towel in the window. That'll stop the flood, right? Right.

 The top shelves of our closets are packed to capacity with electronics, files, etc.

After hours of packing and prepping, we grabbed a few bags and headed into Manhattan. Exhausted. 

Being evacuated sucks. :(

Our friends in Bergen County, NJ, opened their homes to us, so we hopped on the first train out of Penn Station. 

After getting some fro-yo, of course. Graham crackers, strawberries, mango and carob chips make everything better. (Or at least it feels that way!)

We finally arrived and were able to get settled in with our friends. The boys assumed their usual position. 
And then... SLEEP!

We're relaxing and preparing today- Jersey's also supposed to get some intense weather. Fingers crossed that this storm will be much less severe than predicted.