Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HLS Goodies, Long(ish) Runs and New Ingredients!

Back to the real world! School starts in three short days, so I'm rapidly trying to get myself organized and re-establish my routine! 

Breakfast yesterday was delicious- simple, clean and wholesome! 

I added the Love Grown Cocoa Goodness Granola from my HLS Swag Bag to some greek yogurt and topped with frozen berries. 

Uh-mazing. The granola is everything I want and more- sweet (but not too sweet), sort of chewy, sort of crunchy with the perfect ratio of oats to mix-ins. I'm in love. And lusting over their 4 other flavors. Oyyy....

I did A LOT of blog and computer catching up after breakfast... It's funny how my weekend at a blogging conference was the most disconnected I've been from a computer in a long time- it was a nice break, though! :)

I had a late lunch, mostly because I wasn't paying attention to the time... I dug through my HLS Swag Bag again to see if I could find something savory and came across these gems (well... nuggets, technically). 

These nuggets come in other flavors, and oils, and vinaigrettes. I. DIE. Perfection. I think I've found my new obsession. Has anyone tried any of their other products?

I threw the Garlic Gold (love) Nuggets into a pot with a large frozen chicken breast, a can of kidney beans (rinsed), 2 cups of water and a 1/4 cup bulgur wheat and let the flavors dance. The result was a mix between chili and stew- SO filling and satisfying. I will definitely be making this more when it gets colder. 

After my late lunch it was off for a run! I decided to rock the Healthy Living Summit T-Shirt from Five Bamboo. This is quite literally the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. So soft and durable. 
I was a little worried about taking my poor bamboo t-shirt on an 8.5 mile run, convinced that it'd be soaked within the first mile, but this baby did a great job of keeping my cool and dry (for the most part- I sweat like a beast, but this shirt was significantly less drenched when I finished my workout). I'm sold! I love it so much that I just ordered one in black for school! 

The run itself was a bit slow, but I've fallen out of my training schedule, and it's been a while since I've done anything this long, so I didn't push it. Either tomorrow or Thursday AM will be my beast run, and then my 1/2 is on Sunday! Oyyy!

For dinner I made cauliflower and cheddar pizza with an almond-meal crust. I haven't quite perfected the crust recipe yet, but it has the potential to be EPIC- I will share as soon as I get it down...

What have you been chomping on? How have your workouts been going? Training for anything?

Happy Sweating! :)