Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Into the School Groove...

I had a tough time getting out of bed this AM- I felt like I had just closed my eyes when my alarm began to sound. It's a good thing I LOVE school, my professors, my classmates and the material. 

Breakfast was a bit rushed. I chugged this Mix 1 Strawberry Banana Lean Performance Protein Shake on the train (accompanied by a whole wheat sandwich thin with sunflower butter).

I'm not usually a fan of the strawberry-banana combo, but I was jammin' on this shake- it was thinner than I expected- almost the consistency of soymilk- which was great because I'm not a fan of chunky things that come in a bottle.

You really can't beat those nutrition facts, either... I would definitely be interested in trying their other flavors- UM, HELLO Blueberry Vanilla! :) 

Despite dashing out the door I found myself at school relatively early. It was a good thing, too, because I got lost trying to find my first class (our campus is OLD, with a few new extensions with similar names and room numbers, built like a maze). 

My classmate Jonny was early as well, so he and I played around began to warmup while waiting for everyone else. 

Our first class was Movement- with a strong emphasis in the Alexander Technique. I LOVE MOVEMENT (dance, athletics, theatrical movement, mundane movement...) and I'm so excited for the work we'll be doing in this class! We did a really fun movement improv exercise in the first half of class, and we were all DRIPPING sweat by the time our break rolled around!

After Movement I convinced my classmates to take a "First Second Day of School" photo. We seven make up the Brooklyn College MFA Acting Class of 2013, and we'll be taking every single class as a group for the next two years. I think it'll be fun to look back at this picture at graduation! From L to R, Patrick, Jeremy, Jonny, Aaron, Me, Andrea and Sarah. 

Lunch was QUICK- we have 30 mins to grab a bite to eat and change buildings for our next class. I snarfed down a Clif Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch bar from my HLS swag bag.
 So chewy and filling. I love you, Clif Bars. 

 Accompanied by a Musselman's Raspberry Acai Healthy Picks Applesauce- I loved this! So light and clean tasting. I also chowed down on some Chili Spiced Pineapple from TJ's. OH. YEAH. 

Then it was off to Acting class- we worked a bit on releasing some of the tension we hold in our bodies without noticing. We also did a few exercises that helped us connect with ourselves, each other and the space in the room. We also had the opportunity to share one thing that made us happy, one thing we were afraid of and one secret- opening up to our fellow actors is really helpful in building the trusting and supportive environment that facilitates growth. It was really enjoyable. 

After Acting, my classmate Aaron and I headed to the gym- he did legs, I did upper body, we both did core, and then he hit the pool while I did a few quick miles on the treadmill- I haven't run since before the hurricane craziness so it was nice to get back into it. 

I snapped this shot walking home from the train today- it was an exceptionally gorgeous evening, and the sky was STUNNING. 

What did you see today that was beautiful?