Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School!

I'll bet my classroom looks a bit different than your classroom. 

Prop shelves. Where all the most random things in the world co-exist in harmony.

Not sure what all the rice is for, but it's acting school, so I'm not surprised. 

Our classes take place in the old (but beautiful) Brooklyn College campus.

My first class yesterday was a Voice for the Actor class. My voice is one of my biggest challenges as a performer and I think I will grow a lot in this course. We spoke a lot about identifying where we hold tension or misalign our bodies, what this does to our voices and how we can correct these things. My homework is to identify three people (well-know) whose voices REALLY ANNOY me, and figure out why. I also must identify one person who's voice I love, and why. 

What celebrity, politician or well-known personality's voice drives you insane?

After Voice I joined several of my classmates in one of the courtyards on campus to have lunch outside. I brought goodies from my HLS swag bag (see my recaps of HLS here and here): 
 Barney Butter. I ate this bad boy straight out of the packet. SO. VERY. GOOD. I shared with one of my classmates who spread some on an apple, and he loved it as well! I hear Barney Butter make a chunky almond butter- I NEED TO TRY IT!

 This Nature's Path Organic Peanut Choco Bar was BANGIN'! So yummy! A little high in sugar for my preference, but I would be excited to try more products from this company. 

 This Cinnamon Apple Sauce from Santa Cruz Organic tasted like my mom's homemade apple sauce. I. am. hooked! And they have other flavors!

I also brought some raw almonds to share. Mmm...

Our afternoon class was Speech, specifically Diction and Dialect for the Actor. You may be asking yourself, "Aren't voice and speech the same thing?" The short answer is 'no'. Voice focuses on the quality of the sound that you produce in your body, both verbally and non-verbally. Speech focuses on the formation of that sound into words. I love studying speech, and we're using a text that I'm familiar with and adore. I can't wait to dive into the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). More on this later. 

After class, I went to the student center to pay for my gym membership- I can use the college's gym for $18.60 a semester! Goodbye Bally's, for now. :( I'll miss you. I won't miss the fact that you are NEVER air conditioned and your treadmills need to be put out to pasture. 

I arrived home and whipped up a low maintenance dinner. 
Pineapple mango salsa chicken with brussel sprouts! 

Take frozen chicken breast, place on a sheet of aluminum foil, cover in salsa, wrap in the foil like an envelope (en papillote), bake at 450 for appx 40 mins, microwave brussel sprouts, scarf down while doing homework. 

I'm off to school! Today I have a movement/ Alexander Technique class in the AM and an Acting class in the PM. After Acting I'm hoping to head to the college's gym... my body is craving a good workout.

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What shortcuts do you take to stay healthy when you're busy?!