Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where have I been?

Long time, no post. It's not that I haven't wanted to- I just haven't been in my house much! So where have I been?

Walking EVERYWHERE. To the point of soreness. It takes a lot of walking to make this chica sore... My sister and I strolled around the bay in my nabe on Friday- this duck was the BOSS of that stump. No swans allowed!

Reviewing theatre- I write for nytheatre.com and reviewed THREE shows this weekend at the NYC Fringe Festival. Courtney and I saw this show Friday night. It... wasn't so great. You can read my review here. 

We were starving after the show, so we met up with Joe to grab a quick bite to eat. 

We eat delicious things! This chicken TBM (tomato, basil and mozz) sandwich from Cosi was DIVINE! :)

As was my Chicken Tinga sandwich (chipotle pulled chicken with guacamole, pico and feta)! Mmm....

We slept in on Saturday AM (GLORIOUS) and then walked down to Brighton Beach for breakfast at the new coffee shop on Brighton Beach Ave (I think it's called Caffeine? I can't find a website). 
 As you can tell, they're diggin' it. 

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm willing to venture that this is probably one of the best breakfast sandwiches I've ever had. Turkey bacon, eggwhite and cheddar on a toasted everything bagel. I was surprised by the consistency of the bagel, as it's definitely not your traditional Brooklyn-bagel- it was much lighter and closer to a hard roll, but it was pretty damn-good. 

Happy times!

After brunch, we headed home to prepare for BASS ISLAND! Words. Cannot. Express.

This day of dubstep glory took place on NYC's Governors Island. The energy on the ferry ride over was electric.  

We managed to get on the first ferry and were some of the first people through the gates, getting us prime stage access.
 Within a few hours, this small group multiplied to a crowd of OVER 10,000 people. In. Sane. 

 We got silly-stringed and glow-painted within the first hour. We spent several sets in the middle of the pit, standing only three people deep from the stage. Dave Nada, Joro Boro, Z Trip, Prefuse 73 and Virtual Boy were INSANE in the best way possible. 

One of my favorite Virtual Boy tracks: imagine bass so heavy your heart tries to syncopate to it. YESSS.

They won me over with this track.

Even though technical problems forced them to end their set early, I'm still a fan!
Hunger eventually got the best of us and we wandered over to the food tents. 

Hamburgers, sausage sandwiches or BAHN MI? YESSSS. Courtney got a tofu bahn mi with only spicy mayo. 

I got chicken with EVERYTHING!

Amongst the MANY crowd performers (hoopers, poi spinners, stilt walkers) there was an aerial silk rig set up! LOVE IT! 

A lesson to Courtney: flip flops at an outdoor concert in a muddy field is not a super idea. 

We edged our way back up to the front just in time for Lupe Fiasco- AWESOME! 

And then headed to the back of the crowd to experience Bassnectar's INSANE light show during his set. Holy. Moly. We ended up leaving a bit early, but we both LOVED the show. 

After dropping Courtney off at the bus station Sunday AM, Joe and I rushed to make a 12p Fringe show that I reviewed (and didn't particularly care for... it shall remain anonymous). We had several hours to kill before the second show I was reviewing, and since it was torentially downpouring in NYC, we swung by Guayoyo for their EPIC brunch special. 
Red sangria? White sangria? One of each? OK. 

We sat at the window seats and watched the soaked city pass by. 

Joe got the Bistec Encebollado with eggs and a house salad. 

We each got an arepa, and my baked eggs came with a side of black beans!

Sauteed veggies and chorizo are hiding under those eggs!

We sat for a while at a coffee shop sipping iced coffees. 

And then we wandered into Starbucks for their bathroom and stayed for the Vanilla Rooibos tea. Oh. Yes. 

After we reached our caffeine limit, we headed to MY FAVORITE BAKERY IN NYC. Magnolia, Crumbs, Billy's... they're all delicious, but NONE come close to the decadence of Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I used to work in this nabe and can honestly say this bakery was responsible for at least two of the pounds I gained that year... probably more. Since it's summer, they weren't serving my forever lover (pumpkin and eggnog trifle), but don't feel bad for us. We improvised. 

Joe and I shared a vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting, a strawberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and happiness in a cup. What does happiness in a cup consist of? Chocolate chip cookies, butterscotch pudding and whipped cream. Word. 

Cupcake? Get your own. I want both.

Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh....

And then, we headed to the Flamboyan Theatre at the CSV Cultural Center to see Mic. I loved it- you can read my review of it here

And now- craziness. This is my last week teaching before going back to school to get my MFA in Acting, I'm gearing up for the Healthy Living Summit this weekend in Philly AND I'm running my first 1/2 marathon next Sunday! AGGGHHH! 

How was your weekend? What does this week hold for you?